11:00 AM

#Hersheypark2018 Opens This Month!

We are so close to a sweet summer at The Boardwalk!

It's finally May, which means we're officially less than one month away from the opening of our two new summer attractions at The Boardwalk at Hersheypark! The opening of Breakers Edge and Whitecap Racer promises a fun-filled summer and we have incredible new photos to share.

Our construction teams have been working nonstop these past few months as they prepare our 14th coaster - Breakers Edge - and the longest mat racer in the world - Whitecap Racer - for guests to ride this summer! 

On Aug. 8, we were thrilled to announce plans for not one, but two new attractions for 2018 in The Boardwalk at Hersheypark. We shared construction updates in SeptemberNovember, DecemberFebruary, and April

Construction continues on both Breakers Edge and Whitecap Racer as final tubes and ride pieces are being added to the site! We're excited for guests to see how sweet these rides will be this summer and how they will share their experience with family and friends. As the final pieces are starting to come together on both attractions, our teams are preparing the area with new concrete, stairs, and railings. 

We've also added a large leaderboard for our mat racer where riders will be able to compete for the best times. Stay tuned because mats and rafts will be arriving soon- and so will the water! 

Follow the progress right here and our #Hersheypark2018 conversation for more updates!