10:00 AM

100 Days Until #Hersheypark2018

The 100 day countdown is officially here! 

The excitement is building for summer fun at The Boardwalk at Hersheypark and we couldn't be more excited. We are now 100 days out from the opening of Breakers Edge and Whitecap Racer and we wanted to share new photos with you! Our construction teams are working through the snow and cold as construction on our 14th coaster - Breakers Edge - and the longest mat racer in the world - Whitecap Racer - has continued over these past few chilly months.

On Aug. 8, we were thrilled to announce plans for not one, but two new attractions for 2018 in The Boardwalk at Hersheypark. We shared monthly construction updates in SeptemberNovember, and December, and this is our first update of 2018!

Since our last story, additional flumes were assembled and fit into place for Breakers Edge, while saucers were flying high to get into position. The water coaster extends throughout The Boardwalk and guests will be excited to see how far the purple and blue tubes curve around the buildings. While the assembly has progressed over the past few months, the completion of this magnificent coaster is almost here! 

If you passed by Hersheypark you may have noticed the addition of several colorful tubes along The Boardwalk since mid-January. Construction crews have been working hard to bring together these pieces for Whitecap Racer that have been stored throughout the Boardwalk since the fall and this mat racer is looking sweet! As a mat racer involving competition between friends and official leaderboards, the curves and tube length will keep guests coming back for more!  Construction is rolling right along and we can't wait to share future updates as every piece is placed into position! 


Follow the progress right here and our #Hersheypark2018 conversation for more updates!