14:13 PM

Update on #Hersheypark2018

As the weather turns colder, construction on our 14th coaster - Breakers Edge℠ - and the longest mat racer in the world - Whitecap℠ Racer - is heating up! 

On Aug. 8, we were thrilled to announce plans for not one, but two new attractions for 2018 in The Boardwalk at HersheyparkConstruction began the day after Labor Day and is right on track to make these exciting rides a reality.

 Since our last update in early October, here's a quick overview of the progress so far:​

  • Whitecap Racer tube assembly complete - you won't believe all of the brightly colored tubes in the Boardwalk!
  • Our concrete piers will be completed over the next couple of weeks
  • Our underground utilities for Whitecap Racer and Breakers Edge has started
  • Tower 2 structural steel is up!

In the coming weeks, our ride steel will arrive.


Follow the progress right here and our #Hersheypark2018 conversation for more updates!