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Hersheypark Pinwheels Around the Park

The Iconic Park Symbol Has Made a Comeback!

Earlier this summer, we put a spotlight on the famous Hersheypark Pinwheel by sharing the most recognizable uses of the iconic Park symbol. The eight-colored pinwheel has been a staple at Hersheypark over the last 50 years. The design was adopted by Hersheypark in 1971 and received a refresh in 2019. 

The opening of the all-new Hershey's Chocolatetown region earlier this summer provided a sweet opportunity for our team to incorporate the pinwheel into new building designs, display it on new retail items and add it to some classic rides. As soon as you enter through the new front gate (with a pinwheel on top), you will notice the iconic symbol in both prominent and subtle locations throughout the 121-acre theme park. 

From smaller, hidden pinwheels on trash cans to larger, more noticeable ones like the Ferris Wheel, have you spotted this iconic symbol all around Hersheypark? Take a look below at some of our favorite pinwheel locations and let us know if you found others! 

Buildings, Structures, Equipment

From the moment you step foot in the entirely reimagined arrival experience in Hershey's Chocolatetown, you are immediately greeted with multiple pinwheels. Solid white pinwheels are located on the exteriors of buildings near Ticketing and Chocolatetown Treats, while a massive, colorful, spinning pinwheel is found in the window of Hersheypark Supply Co. And, of course, it's hard to miss the new Hersheypark logo with the pinwheel sitting atop the new front gate. But, it doesn't stop there! Once you enter through the front gate, you can turn left and see a large pinwheel logo placed on the window of Hersheypark Supply Co. It's one of our top 10 most Instagrammable spots in Hershey's Chocolatetown. You will also notice the symbol on trash cans, benches, umbrellas and more items throughout the 23-acre development and the rest of the Park. 

Rides & Attractions

Of course, the iconic pinwheel stands out at Hersheypark on the giant Ferris Wheel, but have you noticed smaller hints on some of our other attractions? After the pinwheel was refreshed in 2019, many of our rides were also updated to feature this beloved symbol. You can find the pinwheel on the Fender Bender bumper cars, on the sports cars at the Twin Turnpike - Speedway, and even on one of the 66 original, wooden horses dedicated to Hersheypark on the 101-year-old Carrousel.


Take a piece of Hersheypark home with you! Not only can you find pinwheels around the Park and on our attractions, but you can also wear them. Stop by our premier, 10,000-square-foot flagship retail store, Hersheypark Supply Co., to check out the collection of pinwheel items we have available. We love seeing our guests showing off their pinwheel pride!

There is still time to plan your visit to Hersheypark this year. During your next visit, keep an eye out for all of the pinwheels and let us know if you have a favorite.

Can't make it out to Hersheypark? We've got you covered! Many of the new pinwheel items are available for purchase from our online store.