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A Spotlight on the Hersheypark Pinwheel

Top 5 uses of the iconic Hersheypark symbol

The pinwheel with its eight bright colors has become an iconic symbol for Hersheypark over the last 50 years. The design was adopted by Hersheypark in 1971 and received a refresh in 2019.

Here are some of the places you will find the pinwheel:

The Ferris Wheel features the pinwheel in the center, making it one of the most recognizable uses of the design. Located in the Midway America region of Hersheypark, the Ferris Wheel and its bright pinwheel colors can be seen from the roads surrounding the Park. 

In 2019, Hersheypark introduced an all-new Season Pass program and a brand new ID card featuring the pinwheel design. For the first time, guests can choose between three tiers - King Size, Full Size and Bite Size - for the 2020 operating season.

Hershey's Chocolatetown, an all-new region of Hersheypark where guests can play, eat shop and gather, will feature an entirely reimagined arrival experience with a new front gate. The Hersheypark logo with the pinwheel will sit atop the gate.

A special delivery was made to Hershey’s Chocolatetown this spring. A giant colorful pinwheel can be seen through the windows of Hersheypark Supply Co. When it opens, the premier, 10,000-square-foot flagship store will be home to the largest collection of apparel, gifts, toys and more exclusive to Hersheypark.

In the meantime, some new apparel items featuring the Hersheypark pinwheel are available for purchase in the online store. Shoppers can choose between an adult hooded sweatshirt and an adult t-shirt.