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Ultimate Roller Coaster Route at Hersheypark

Guide to riding all 15 coasters in one day in 2023

Written by: Christian Price

Whether you see the winding track of Candymonium upon first walking into Hersheypark or hear the iconic roar of Great Bear when entering The Hollow, the coaster lineup at Hersheypark is built for first-timers and adrenaline seekers alike.

You may ask, “Why should I trust this person to provide me with the best route to take at Hersheypark?” Well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Christian, and I am currently a public relations intern at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. Before starting this new adventure, I worked at the Park for a little over eight years. Beginning as a ride operator in 2015, I moved up the supervisor chain until finally becoming an area supervisor in 2019. Here is my ultimate guide on maximizing your roller coaster experience in Hersheypark for the summer of 2023!

1. Wildcat's Revenge

Wildcat's Revenge, a one-of-a-kind steel-wood hybrid coaster experience, is new to Hersheypark in 2023 and should be the first stop on your list of a coaster-filled day of fun. Highlighting features such as its 140-foot high lift hill, its top speeds of 62 miles per hour, and the fact it boasts the World’s Largest Underflip is just the start. Wildcat's Revenge also pays homage to its predecessor, Wildcat, by utilizing existing structures and layouts from the 1996 design in this top-flight experience.

Pro Tip! Starting at the back of Hersheypark is the best way to maximize your park day and gives you the best chance to hit every major coaster. Because Wildcat's Revenge is brand new to 2023, it unequivocally takes the top spot for the first coaster on this route.

2. Laff Trakk

The second stop in your fun-filled day of coasters should almost undoubtedly be Laff Trakk. Built in 2015, this indoor dark coaster is made to mimic an old-time fun house, and it delivers. Because Laff Trakk has a height requirement of Reese’s, it is perfect for any family, big or small. Due to this, the Laff Trakk line can be a bit longer than others, so I recommend hitting it early to ensure you are making the most of your visit.

Pro Tip! Did you know Hersheypark offers single-use and unlimited-use packages on its Fast Track pass, which allows you to enter a separate queue line area apart from the normal queue? This purchase, separate from your Park admission, is the perfect deal for families or groups who want to maximize their attraction time during their visit. With 17 fantastic rides already included and an add-on for The Boardwalk at an additional cost, a Fast Track purchase may be precisely what you are looking for!

3. Wild Mouse

After exiting Laff Trakk, cross Midway America and take a ride around the tight turns and quick drops of Wild Mouse! This sneaky little coaster is perfect for thrill seekers, as the 180-degree turns and bunny hills are known to be a fan favorite and will have you on the edge of your seat, literally and figuratively!

4. Lightning Racer

The fourth coaster to hit in this ultimate route would have to be Lightning Racer. This phenomenal wooden coaster is one of my personal favorites in the Park and proves why racing wooden coasters are so much fun. Two separate wooden tracks pit two trains, Lightning and Thunder, against each other in an exhilarating race to the finish line. Team up to take down the opposing train, or try your luck and split your group up to have some friendly competition. Lightning Racer will surely be one adrenaline-packed race regardless of how you ride!

Pro Tip!  Ever wonder what it is like racing under the chase lights on the Lightning Racer at night? Well, did you know that your Hersheypark ticket also acts as a sweet sneak peak in the evenings? Presenting your ticket at the main entrance of Hersheypark two hours before closing or three hours for resort guests grants you access to the preview plan, allowing for some evening riding time before your actual park visit. This perk can be utilized once before your park visit and does not have to be on consecutive days, so make sure to take advantage of this amazing perk!

*Please note that preview is not valid on Happy Hours or Event Special tickets.

5. Fahrenheit

After coming out victorious on Lightning Racer, it is best to work your way to Fahrenheit. Since opening in 2008, Fahrenheit has been a staple of many fun-filled days at Hersheypark. With its 90-degree lift hill, 97-degree negative drop back in on itself and six total inversions, Fahrenheit will leave your heart on fire for more coaster fun.

Pro Tip! Making your way from the back of the park all the way to Fahrenheit may seem like a hike, but it does not have to be! The Boardwalk At Hersheypark is not only home to a multitude of water rides to cool you off on hot days but also to multiple different entrances and exits to other areas of the Park. A quick walk through The Boardwalk offers fewer hills and typically less foot traffic, leaving for a stroll right to the entrance of Fahrenheit.

6. Jolly Rancher Remix

One of the latest projects at Hersheypark, Jolly Rancher Remix is the next coaster you should ride to maximize your day at the Park. At first glance, the station of this coaster looks like one giant party, and that is exactly what riding feels like! With six total inversions, three going forward and three coming back to the station, you can undoubtedly tell why this type of coaster is known as a Boomerang!

7. Storm Runner

Located right across the exit from Jolly Rancher Remix, Storm Runner is the perfect choice for the next coaster on this route. As the fastest accelerating ride in Hersheypark, Storm Runner is sure to be one of your favorites. Whether it is the 8,000-plus horsepower launch or the fact it accelerates to 72 miles per hour in two seconds, Storm Runner will leave you feeling a pure adrenaline rush. 

Pro Tip! Wow, all this riding is making me hungry. Did you know that with the All-Day Dining Deal, you can enjoy an entrée and side at participating locations every 90 minutes for your entire day? With participating locations such as Moe’s Southwest Grill and Spring Creek Smokehouse near Storm Runner, this point in the route may be the perfect time to take a load off and enjoy a delicious meal before continuing your day of coaster-filled fun!

8. Trailblazer

Just down the hill from the impressive launch pad of Storm Runner is a family favorite, Trailblazer. With a simple but fun design, quick load time and restraint system fit for Hershey’s Kisses height category and above, this coaster is a perfect experience for young riders and adults alike. 

9. Great Bear

Up the hill from Trailblazer on your left-hand side, you will find the awe-inspiring power that is Great Bear. This Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) invert roars ahead with “grizzly intent, striking fear into the hearts of coaster riders. A fan-favorite, you will not want to miss this fantastic gem, as a ride on Great Bear should be an essential part of your coaster route at Hersheypark!

10. Cocoa Cruiser

A short walk over the bridge past Hershey Triple Tower and just up the hill and to your right, you will find Cocoa Cruiser. This inviting kiddie coaster is the perfect starting point for any prospective coaster rider, as the 13-foot lift hill and 16-mile-per-hour speeds are ideal for introductory coaster rides. Whether you are a first-time coaster rider or accompanying one, Cocoa Cruiser is a fun time for all involved and perfectly positioned to be the best choice for the tenth coaster in the route. 

Pro Tip! While I recommend this route, you can mix and match how you see fit. Many of our major attractions are perfectly positioned near flat rides. For example, if a ride on Cocoa Cruiser is not what your party is looking for, substitute it for our drop tower experience, Hershey Triple Tower! The beauty in a day at Hersheypark is the go-with-the-flow nature, so do whatever makes you and your family happiest! For more information on how to plan your day around your groups’ height categories, look at our story here!

11. Comet

Just down the hill in The Hollow area of Hersheypark is our oldest coaster, Comet. This white-painted wooden roller coaster is another perfect ride for new and experienced coaster riders. With a Reese’s height requirement and a drop of 78 feet, this attraction takes you on a wild ride on its double out-and-back track layout. A fan favorite at Hersheypark, Comet is bound to be loads of fun for generations of guests.


12. Skyrush

Continuing our journey of the best coaster route to take at Hersheypark, we stop at the one and only Skyrush. This bright yellow beast protruding out of The Hollow is a fan favorite and widely regarded as one of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark - and even across the U.S. In fact, it was voted one of the top 10 coasters in the country in the 2023 USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. The top speeds of 75 miles per hour and five airtime hills make this coaster a dream come true for coaster fanatics. Located right next to the start of the Comet queue line, you cannot skip the jaw-dropping ride experience of Skyrush and would honestly be missing out if you did!

Pro Tip! Skyrush, sooperdooperLooper, Wildcat’s Revenge and Candymonium all require you to put any bags in a complimentary ride locker, as there is not sufficient room in the station to house these items. In return for your cooperation, Hersheypark offers these free ride lockers for up to two hours right next to the ride queue lines and station! It is so nice to know all of your important belongings are safe and sound while you are enjoying the thrills of some of the best roller coasters in Hersheypark!

13. sooperdooperLooper

Our final destination in The Hollow would have to be the sooperdooperLooper. This classic roller coaster is famous for being the first modern steel looping coaster on the East Coast! With a height minimum of Reese’s, much like Comet or Laff Trakk, this attraction is perfect for all levels of coaster riders to enjoy. So whether you are a first-timer looking for your first loop or an experienced coaster veteran, sooperdooperLooper is a fantastic coaster to enjoy.

14. Candymonium

After taking a ride on all the amazing coasters The Hollow has to offer, I recommend taking a stroll down our quiet and serene Skyrush path to relax a little and make your way to Candymonium. Built in the new Hershey’s Chocolatetown region, Candymonium is a monument of how spectacular a day at Hersheypark can really be. Standing proud in its illustrious spot, our tallest and fastest coaster is the perfect way to end your day at Hersheypark. Also, because Candymonium is so prominent at the front entrance, many people have already gotten their rides in for the day and are towards the middle or back of the Park, often leaving shorter wait times later in the evening. The end of the day could be the perfect time to marathon this smooth coaster filled with thrills and laughter and reflect on a great day well spent at Hersheypark!

Pro Tip! By staying at any of our world-renowned Official Resorts of Hersheypark, you gain access to Sweet Start at Hersheypark! This perk allows you to access the front of the Park an hour early, ensuring rides on many of our greatest coasters, such as Candymonium, Skyrush and Comet! By partaking in this, you should have more than enough time to make your way toward the back of the Park when the main gates open for the general public. Talk about a sweet perk!

15. Extra - Breakers Edge

Breakers Edge may be missing from this coaster route, but do not be mistaken. We did not forget about this unique water coaster. For those who do not know, Breakers Edge is a coaster in The Boardwalk At Hersheypark and would be located between Lightning Racer and Fahrenheit on this ultimate coaster route. Being the first hydro-magnetic water coaster ever to feature flying saucer turns, this innovative water coaster is sure to be a highlight and is certainly worth the time if you are looking for some Boardwalk fun during your day at Hersheypark.

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