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Top 4 Active Animals at ZooAmerica in Winter

Winter is a Sweet Time of Year to Visit the Zoo

While some people dread the return of Old Man winter each year, the arrival of colder weather provides a sweet experience for guests at ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park. For one, the Zoo is often less crowded during the winter months, which means that guests can enjoy a more quiet and intimate visit. Furthermore, many of the North American animals in the outdoor exhibits are more active when the temperature drops. 

Read on to discover more about four of the most active animals at ZooAmerica during the winter months. 

1. Gray Wolves

‚ÄčWolves are built for the colder weather. Their bodies have two layers of fur that helps them adapt and keeps them warm even on snowy days. During the winter, ZooAmerica guests will often see two wolves, Twister and Husker, running around their enclosure located in the Northlands area of the Zoo. The wolves are especially majestic in the snow!

2. Snowy Owls

As their name implies, snowy owls are well-adapted for life on the Arctic tundra. Their bodies have very thick plumage and their legs and feet are heavily feathered, which insulates them from extreme cold temperatures. Needless to say, they have no issues thriving during the Pennsylvania winters. In fact, severe weather may force snowy owls found in the wild to migrate as far south as Pennsylvania or beyond in search of prey. ZooAmerica has two snowy owls on exhibit in the Northlands area. Guests can often find them on the ground or perched in one of the trees in the exhibit.

3. American Martens

American martens are small members of the weasel family. These animals are well-equipped to survive in a wintry environment. They have broad feet and fur-covered soles that enable them to travel on top of deep snow. Like other martens, the two at ZooAmerica can be found building tunnels under the snow. In the wild, this habit is used as a source of hunting prey. Guests can see the martens in the Northlands area of the Zoo.

4. River Otters

River otters are another member of the weasel family. They are built for swimming, even in the cold water. River otters have short, dense underfur and a layer of fat underneath their skin that insulates their body in cold water. Guests can find the two river otters at ZooAmerica playing in the water in their exhibit in the Eastern Woodlands area.

Plan a Visit Today

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