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Discovery Weekends Return to ZooAmerica in January 2020

Free Zoo Admission for Kids Ages 8 and Under on Saturdays and Sundays

ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park is hosting Discovery Weekends in January 2020. Kids ages 8 and under will get into the Zoo for free on Saturdays and Sundays. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., kids can participate in up-close animal encounters and discover more about their favorite animals.

In general, the beginning of the year is a great time to visit ZooAmerica as many of the North American animals are more active in winter.‚Äč We hope to see you there!

See below for a list of the animals that will be highlighted during each of the Discovery Weekends in January

Weekend of January 4-5: Weasels

The first of the Discovery Weekends will focus on all things weasels. These small carnivores have hearty appetites and eat lots of meat to fuel their active lifestyle! Weasels are known for their slender and sleek appearance to help them seamlessly navigate their environment. ZooAmerica is home to three weasels, including two river otters and an American marten. Guests can see the river otters in the Eastern Woodlands area of the Zoo and the marten in the Northlands area. ZooAmerica also houses two black-footed ferrets. These mammals belong to the same genus as the weasel. 

Weekend of January 11-12: Cats

The second Discovery Weekend of the month will feature cats that belong to the family Felidae. A few different types of cats like the ocelotmountain lionCanada lynx and bobcat call ZooAmerica home. All of these cats are medium to large size. Ocelots, Canada lynx and bobcats are twice as large as the average house cat, while mountain lions can weigh more than 100 pounds. These cats are located throughout the Zoo for guests to see. 

Weekend of January 18-19: Birds

There are 16 types of birds found at ZooAmerica, which means that the third Discovery Weekend in January will be a real hoot. Kids will learn about owls, bald eagles, parrots, and more. Birds are found in all five areas of the Zoo.

Weekend of January 25-26: Wolves

The wolves are a guest favorite at ZooAmerica, especially when it snows as they are much more active in cooler temperatures. During the last Discovery Weekend in January, young guests will learn all about gray wolves, which live together in organized packs. There are two wolves in the pack at ZooAmerica. Guests can see them in the Northlands area of the Zoo.

BONUS: Sensory Friendly Morning on January 25

On Saturday, January 25, ZooAmerica is also hosting Sensory Friendly Morning. Guests with autism or other sensory needs can experience the wild of North America with modified exhibits, including subdued lights and sounds, calming rooms and special animal encounters.


Regular admission to ZooAmerica is $12.50 for ages 9-54. Junior admission (ages 3-8) and senior admission (ages 55+) is $10.50. Juniors get in free on Discovery Weekends. ZooAmerica annual Pass Holders get in free all year long.