14:30 PM

Happy 1st Birthday, Cocoa!

Our Atlantic Harbor Seal Celebrates Her First Birthday June 10!

One year ago today a baby splash arrived at Hersheypark

Cocoa was born early in the morning on June 10, 2018 to our rescued female harbor seal, Mango, and male harbor seal, Bumper.

Cocoa knew how to swim immediately after birth and weighed in at about 15 pounds. Cocoa nursed from her mother for 5 weeks until she began to eat fish. Once she was consistently eating fish, Cocoa's formal training officially began.

She now knows over 20 behaviors and actively participates in shows as well as interactive programs with guests. Cocoa is very playful with the enrichment the trainers provide but has been seen engaging with natural enrichment by following butterflies and bees around the pool! Cocoa is a great animal ambassador educating and inspiring thousands of guests on marine conservation and the struggles animals face in the wild today.


You can see Cocoa, Mango and Bumper during the Our Friends from the Sea show at the Aquatheatre daily.

Join us in wishing this special lady a very happy birthday!