16:00 PM

Adorable New Additions Arrive at Hersheypark!

The Hersheypark family has grown by five this past month!

With four pronghorns at ZooAmerica and one seal pup with Oceans of Fun, we're excited for guests to see these new additions!


Two fawns, Amy and Megan, were born May 31 and two more, Callum and Kathy, were born June 5! They are currently visible to guests during feeding times at ZooAmerica. Our North American Wildlife Park is now home to seven pronghorns. The first two fawns are the offspring of male Buddy and Sage, the second two are from Buddy and Izzy. The fawns will be bottle-fed until they are approximately three months old.

Did you know? The pronghorn is the fastest land animal in North America and is second only to the cheetah worldwide. It can sprint close to 60 mph for short distances and cruise at 40 mph for miles at a time! 

Hersheypark - Aquatheatre

A female Harbor Seal pup named Cocoa was born June 10! Guests will be able to see the pup during Our Friends from the Sea Show. For years, our Aquatheatre has been a popular entertainment offering with our guests. We partner with Oceans of Fun for the exceptional care and training of these animals. Hersheypark is now home to three Harbor Seals and two Sea Lions in the Aquatheatre. Mango and Bumper are the parents to the new pup, Cocoa.

Did you know? Pups learn to swim soon after birth and enter the water almost immediately. Seal pups weigh approximately 20-25 lbs at birth and double their weight within the first month of life. Pups grow quickly on their mother’s milk and nurse for approximately 3-6 weeks before they begin eating fish.

Come check out Mango, Bumper and new baby Cocoa at the Aquatheatre in Hersheypark and then stop by ZooAmerica to see Amy, Megan, Callum, Kathy, Buddy, Sage and Izzy!