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2022 Foodie Guide to The Boardwalk at Hersheypark

Must-Try Food Items while visiting our water park this summer

There is nothing better than making a splash at The Boardwalk water park during your visit to Hersheypark in the hot summer months! Our 11-acre water park is open Memorial Day through Labor Day and features water rides for all ages. If you find yourself hungry while you cool off, be sure to try out some of these must-try items during your visit.

East Coast Burger Works

East Coast Burger Works is the perfect place to refuel with their specialty half-pound burgers, fries, chicken fingers, house-made chips and sodas. 

One of the most popular menu items is the Bacon Cheeseburger. With its mouth-watering applewood smoked bacon on a brioche roll, it is the perfect option during your busy day at the Park. Need something a little bigger? Dive into a King Size Burger which has 2 half-pound patties and multiple toppings. New this year, check out the “Burger of the Month” which showcases a unique burger offering each month this summer. June is a delicious Caprese Burger - stay tuned for July!

Nathan’s Hot Dogs

Searching for a classic hot dog? You’re in luck! Nathan’s Hot Dogs is located at the heart of The Boardwalk. While they are known for their iconic hot dogs, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Cheesesteak and Crinkle Cut fries are also great options.

Shoreline Grill

Need a break from the waves? Shoreline Grill is the perfect place to stop and grab some quick bites that are perfect for everyone to enjoy. 

For a healthy option, Shoreline Grill has a Grilled Chicken Salad that is an easy grab-and-go option! The mini sliders are also a popular choice. For our seafood lovers, there is a fish option available for purchase. 

Oola Bowls

If you’re searching for both a healthy and refreshing snack, you’re in luck! Oola Bowls has a location in The Boardwalk that is home to acai and pitaya bowls. Decorated with fresh fruit and other toppings, Oola Bowls is a great option for those with various dietary restrictions

Rita’s Italian Ice 

The best trick to beating the heat during a long day at the Park? Rita’s Italian Ice! Rita’s can be found at the entrance to The Boardwalk. Watermelon Chip and Apple Berry Blue are two popular Italian ice flavors. 

For our ice cream lovers out there, there are menu items for you too! The Oreo Cookie Custard Sandwich is another refreshing and sweet option for guests.

Dispatch Pizzeria

Craving pizza? Dispatch Pizzeria is a convenient option for guests to grab a slice of pizza or a pie for the whole family to enjoy.

The meat lovers pizza with a side of garlic knots is one of the most popular menu items. Check it out while on your visit to The Boardwalk!

Chickie’s and Pete's

Nothing beats the classic crab fries! Located near Tidal Force and The Boardwalk area, Chickie’s and Pete's is a delicious and great sit-down or on-the-go food option! Guests can enjoy cheese steaks, chicken cutlets and fries on their break from the water slides!  

Shoreline Beverage 

For those searching for a refreshing cold beer or other beverage, Shoreline Beverage is the perfect location. 

Shoreline Beverage is home to Vizzy seltzers, as well as frozen strawberry and lemonade sloshies! In the peak summer season, the frozen drinks are a popular and convenient option to cool off while also enjoying a beverage.  Alcohol can only be purchased and consumed by guests 21 and older with a valid photo ID. 

Boardwalk Beverage Cart 

Located across from East Coast Burger Works, the Boardwalk Beverage Cart is the perfect spot to pick up a cold drink to sip on while relaxing at our Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Beverage Cart features items from Ever Grain Beer, a brewery native to central Pennsylvania. Their beer is a must-have option to cool off in the summertime.  Alcohol can only be purchased and consumed by guests 21 and older with a valid photo ID. 

With the purchase of your Hersheypark tickets, guests have access to The Boardwalk and all its amazing water rides. Buy tickets online now!