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2022 Guide to Dietary and Allergy-Friendly Foods at Hersheypark

A one-stop shop for dining at Hersheypark with food intolerances or dietary restrictions

The Hersheypark Food and Beverage team is committed to accommodating guests with food allergies or other intolerances by providing ample dining options based on their dietary needs. Each dining location inside Hersheypark is listed on the Hersheypark App and website with menu items, ingredients and allergen information to help guests plan ahead. During a visit to Hersheypark, the Food and Beverage staff will be more than happy to answer any questions, as they keep ingredient files at each location. 

We also developed this guide to serve as a one-stop shop for park-goers with dietary restrictions to learn about the food and beverage offerings available throughout Hersheypark


Beer: If you are looking for some gluten-friendly beer options in the Park, you’re in luck!  True Wild Berry can be purchased at 1906 Brews, Boardwalk Beverage Cart and the Fahrenheit Beverage Cart. Lastly, a Vizzy Strawberry Mimosa can be found at The Hollow Dispatch Pizzeria and Shoreline Beverage.  

Chick-fil-A: Chick-fil-A has a large selection of gluten-friendly items, including Grilled Chicken Sandwiches (with a gluten-free roll), Grilled Chicken Nuggets, Market Salads, Side Salads, Fruit Cups, Waffle Fries and Waffle Potato Chips. 

Dippin’ Dots: With many locations around the Park, Dippin’ Dots are a great sweet option for gluten-friendly visitors. Gluten-friendly flavors include Chocolate, Banana Split, Cotton Candy, and Rainbow Ice. 

Dispatch Pizzeria: There are 3 Dispatch Pizzeria locations inside Hersheypark; The Boardwalk, The Hollow and Founder’s Way.  Here, you are able to order a gluten-friendly vegan cheese pizza at any of the 3 locations or a side salad at The Boardwalk and The Hollow locations. The gluten-friendly pizza has a cauliflower crust. FYI- The Dispatch Pizzeria location in The Hollow is open for mobile orders only. Please use the Hersheypark app to place your mobile order. 

East Coast Burger Works: Home to some scrumptious burgers, this location offers gluten-friendly hamburger and cheeseburger roll options. 

Oola Bowls: With two locations at The Boardwalk and Kissing Tower Hill, Oola Bowls is a great healthy option for everyone. Their gluten-friendly menu items include the Oola Bowl, Boardwalk Bowl, Great Bear Bowl, Pro Bowl, Create Your Own Bowl, and the Oola Bites. 

Overlook Food Court: Located in the Kissing Tower Hill area, guests can visit Overlook and order a gluten-friendly hamburger or hotdog, as well as a southwest wrap or cauliflower crust pizza. For the sweet-tooths out there, Lucy’s Chocolate Chip and Thin Chocolate Chip cookies are available for purchase.

Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor: Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor doesn’t just have ice cream. It is a convenient location for shareables and grab-and-go options. The House Salad is gluten-friendly. 

Shoreline Grill: Located at The Boardwalk, Shoreline Grill is a convenient restaurant just steps away from all of your favorite water attractions! Here, gluten-friendly eaters can order a House Salad or a Side Salad and even add Grilled Chicken on top. 

Spring Creek Smokehouse: Serving many slow-cooked favorites, Smokehouse has plenty of options for everyone to enjoy! Gluten-friendly options include Chicken, Ribs, Turkey Leg, Pulled Pork (without the roll), and Brisket (without the roll). 

The Chocolatier Restaurant, Bar + Patio: One of the newest restaurants in the new Hershey’s Chocolatetown region, The Chocolatier has a variety of foods, drinks, and desserts that are sure to delight. The House Salad and the Reese’s Take5 Cake are two of the gluten-friendly options. For kids, the Oven Roasted Salmon and Grilled Chicken are also gluten-free items.  

The Outpost: Located in the Pioneer Frontier area, The Outpost serves “allergy-friendly, flavorful food” that is all gluten-friendly and nut-friendly. Make sure to try the soft pretzel bites! With both meal and snack options, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Sweeterie Confectionery Kitchen: The Sweeterie is located inside Hersheypark Supply Co. in the new region of Hersheypark, Hershey’s Chocolatetown. The Orange Creamsicle sooperdooperLooper cake is a gluten-friendly option here, so be sure to give it a try if you are looking for a sweet treat.

Tower Fries: Steps away from Great Bear, gluten-friendly guests can enjoy Fresh Cut Fries. 

1906 Grill: Feel like having some cookout-style food? 1906 Grill has gluten-free hamburger buns so everyone is able to enjoy their char-grilled burgers. The side salad is a gluten-friendly option as well.


Chick-fil- A: Many items from Chick-fil-A are nut-friendly. Some options include the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-A Nuggets, Grilled Nuggets, Cobb Salad, and the Spicy Southwest Salad. Chick-fil-A uses 100% refined peanut oil. Refined peanut oil, according to the FDA, highly refined oils are not considered major food allergens. 

The Outpost: All items at The Outpost are nut-friendly! 

Turkey Hill Parlor: Grab a scoop of your favorite ice cream here, this location is nut-friendly. 

Guests looking to avoid dining locations that have many items containing nuts should not visit stands like Simply Chocolate, Funnel Cake, Milton’s or Oola Bowls

Vegan and Dairy-Friendly

Dispatch Pizzeria: Guests can order a gluten-friendly vegan cheese pizza or garlic knots at these locations. 

Milton’s: In need of some food options from our newest ice cream parlor? The Roasted Vegetable Wrap and the House Salad with House Dressing are two great meal options. Milton’s also has vegan ice cream available throughout the season, with flavors rotating. 

Oola BowlsThe Pro Bowl and Create your Own Bowl options are Vegan Friendly.

Overlook Food Court: Overlook has multiple options for vegan foods, like a Vegan Beyond Burger, Rainbow Wrap, Beyond Chicken Tenders, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mochi, or Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

The Chocolatier: The Soft Pretzel Dippers, Ultimate Veggie Wrap, House Salad, Beyond Burger, and Kid’s Pasta are great vegan options.

The Outpost: The veggie cup is a vegan-friendly item available at The Outpost


Chick-fil-A: The fruit cups and side salads are vegetarian-friendly. 

Oola BowlsThere are several vegetarian-friendly Oola Bowl options such as OOLA Bites, OOLA Bowl, Boardwalk Bowl, Great Bear Bowl, Pro Bowl and Create your Own Bowl. 

Overlook Food Court: With multiple concessions to choose from, Overlook is a great dining option to address your dietary needs. The garlic knots, Mac n Cheese, Walking Taco (without meat), Fries, Grilled Cheese, Dosserts (cookie dough), and Dippin’ Dots are all vegetarian-friendly!

The Chocolatier: The popular Soft Pretzel Dippers and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Hummus are both vegetarian-friendly. The House Salad, Caesar Salad, Beyond Burger, Margherita Flatbread, and the kid’s Grilled Cheese are also vegetarian options. 

The Outpost: The Veggie Cup and Pretzel Bites are vegetarian-friendly items available at The Outpost

Tower Fries: Across from Great Bear, vegetarian-friendly guests can enjoy Fresh Cut Fries. 

Walking Taco: This beach-inspired taqueria is located inside The Boardwalk near the lazy river. Vegetarian-friendly guests can order the Walking Taco without meat.    


There are select items in the park that can be customized when the guest is placing their order to make it keto-friendly. Check out some tips to help you be keto-friendly while at Hersheypark.

  • Several locations that offer burgers, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, etc., can be ordered without a bun.
  • At Chick-fil-A, the grilled chicken sandwich can also be ordered without a bun. Other keto-friendly menu options include grilled nuggets, salads with grilled chicken, and asking for fruit to be eliminated and selecting a keto-friendly dressing.
  • Moe’s can be very keto-friendly if the guest avoids rice, beans, corn and any wraps, tacos or chips.
  • There are several salad options available at Overlook Food Court
  • Smokehouse - any meats without BBQ sauce are keto, and the keto side would be green beans.
  • Some Starbucks drinks can be modified to be keto-friendly by asking to substitute heavy cream instead of milk and skipping any flavored sugar syrups. Plain coffee and tea or any ice tea unsweetened or sweetened with artificial sweeteners are keto-friendly. 
  • Many Subway sandwiches can be customized to be keto-friendly by skipping the roll/wrap and choosing specific keto ingredients and sauces. 
  • For alcoholic beverage options, Truly Hard Seltzer is keto-friendly. 
  • Diet soda and water are keto-friendly non-alcoholic beverage options.


Kosher Food Truck: The Kosher Food Truck is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day on Sunday-Thursday. Please note it will be closed on Friday-Saturday. 

Here are some other kosher food options at Hersheypark: 

  • Dippin' Dots
  • Kettle Corn
  • Pepsi Slush products
  • Rita’s 


Guests that have specific allergies to different seafood should avoid items at The Chocolatier and Shoreline Grill. These are the only two locations at Hersheypark that sell items with fish.

We hope you enjoy the foods available to you while visiting! Be sure to visit the Park this summer to check out many of our food locations that offer these allergy-friendly foods.

Hersheypark Allergen Friendly menu offerings consist of items prepared without certain allergen-containing ingredients. Because we have multiple sources of food allergens in our kitchens there is risk that cross-contact may occur during the preparation and cooking of these items. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of any allergen ingredient. Before placing your order please inform us of your food allergy and/or sensitivity so we can do everything possible to safely accommodate your dietary needs.