10:17 AM

When Maintenance and Technology Meet

With the start of the 2019 Hersheypark summer season guests may have noticed the increased use of technology throughout the Park. In 2018, a 10’x25’ arena sized leaderboard was installed to greet guests coming off Whitecap Racer, and in 2019 a new 7’x12’ video board is installed to greet guests entering the new Reese's Cupfusion attraction. Hershey's Chocolatetown construction also meant a temporary front entrance for 2019. So new front gate tent podiums were custom built to meet the needs of the guests as they redeemed their admission tickets upon entering Hersheypark.

A joint team from Information Technology (IT), Maintenance, Guest Experience and Guest Engagement designed these structures along with countless hours spent by the Electrician and Telecommunication teams, wiring them all together. For 2019, a new digital Fast Track system was introduced. A guest purchasing the service is issued a RFID wristband and now engages with a Hershey's Kiss tap point to gain admission. As part of this evolution, individual kiosks were first introduced in 2018 with Whitecap Racer and evolved into a kiosk structure for 2019 at Reese's Cup fusion. These two participating attractions and Fast Track, are a key component of the new HPGO program. This could not have been possible without the ingenuity, creativity and skillful craftsmanship of the Maintenance teams throughout Hersheypark. Learn more about the all-new HPGO program and how it enhances the guest experience.

The kiosk structures were designed and built by the Carpentry team at Hersheypark, who worked with the IT team to bring the varying concepts to life. The Fast Track tap point housings were designed and created by the Machinists in conjunction with the electronic housings created by the IT team. The Sign Shop worked with the IT and Marketing teams to create the vinyl wraps and signage for the kiosks and many of the new locations used for Fast Track. The Electricians were able to wire all the customized front gate podiums and kiosks together to ensure uninterrupted power was given to the structures. The Painters and other skilled trades throughout Hersheypark all had a hand in bringing to life a unique and very customized solutions that will drive a better experience for our guests at Hersheypark while leveraging today's technology.

This article was contributed by Greg Klopp, Managing Director of IT.