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What is HPGO?

5 things you need to know about the all new Hersheypark Guest Platform

What is that circle with a Hershey’s Kiss on it in the ride queue at Skyrush? It’s new!

HPGO is an all-new program for 2019 that offers guests more personalized experiences than ever before. This exclusive guest platform connects with the Hersheypark app to collect free ride stats and photos from Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer.

HPGO also seamlessly integrates with the enhanced Fast Track program. Part of the new HPGO program uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristbands to grant front of the line access to those who have purchased Fast Track. More functionality will be added to this program this summer with FREE wristbands distributed at Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer when they open to allow you to see personalized ride stats and photos in the Hersheypark App.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the all new HPGO program

1. What can I use HPGO for?

HPGO is a program that allows you to view personalized ride stats, ride photos, and manage a previously purchased Fast Track at Hersheypark.

2. You need an HPGO wristband for Fast Track access.

After you purchase Fast Track (online or in the park), visit the in-park kiosks at Fast Track Services near the Carrousel to scan your voucher in exchange for an HPGO wristband. Enter the Fast Track lane at participating attractions and tap the kiss icon on your wristband to the Kiss-shaped reader to gain access.

3. Wristbands are free.

You can pick up an HPGO wristband at Reese’s Cupfusion, Whitecap Racer (when The Boardwalk opens) and Fast Track Services at the front of the park. You won’t get front of the line access using your wristband though unless you purchase it for Fast Track.

4. Connect your HPGO wristband to the Hersheypark App for extra features.

Connecting your band to the Hersheypark app gives you a few cool extra features. For Fast Track you can see a personalized dashboard of the rides you have ridden. Coming soon you will be able to see ride stats and photos for Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer.

Reese’s Cupfusion

  • Tips to unlock individual or group bonus play
  • Track your agent scores and ranking all year long

Whitecap Racer

  • See your speed
  • Track your race time and photos

5. You can connect other HPGO wristbands to your account.

You can connect wristbands for friends or family...really anyone you want to track ride scores and photos for. To add someone else’s wristband to your Hersheypark app you can add their band just like you added your own using the band ID and the zip code that was entered at the kiosk as a second factor of authentication. Once connected you can compare your ride stats for Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer.

Bonus Season Pass shortcut:

If you are a Season Pass Holder, scan your Season Pass at the kiosk when you get a band and it will pull in your zip code and initials for you so you don’t have to enter them manually.

Still wondering how HPGO works? Read our HPGO Fequently Asked Questions

Inside the Park? Visit any Guest Services for assistance.