16:42 PM

What do Hamilton and Hersheypark Have in Common?

Last year, a little musical called Hamilton premiered and took Broadway by storm…have you ever heard of it? With plenty of Tony awards and nominations, Hamilton has become arguably one of the best musicals to hit the Broadway stage in recent history. So, what does a popular Broadway musical have to do with Hershey, PA?

Last week, Dave Quinn of PEOPLE wrote an article about the new lead in the musical, Javier Muñoz, and his connection to our ‘sweet’ little town. Many years before playing the lead role in Hamilton, Muñoz worked at Hersheypark as…you guessed it…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. “‘I dressed up and did my thing and entertained the kids and got paid really well. You do them because that’s what’s going to allow you to have a little more flexibility to go to those auditions and callbacks, or that acting class, or that dance class you need, or that voice lesson,’” Muñoz told Quinn.

“‘I respect the opportunity that’s given to me to be employed in this moment, whatever it is – whether I’m a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or I’m Hamilton. I’m gracious about it.’”

We’re incredibly proud of all of our talented performers at Hersheypark and wish the very best for them in their future careers. Who knows - maybe we will have another Broadway actor in our future?

Read more here: People.com.