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Two Popular Hersheypark Rides Mark Anniversaries in May 2020

Lightning Racer Turns 20 and Kissing Tower Turns 45

Two guest-favorite rides at Hersheypark Lightning Racer and Kissing Tower - celebrate sweet anniversaries this month. 

20th Anniversary of First-Ever Racing/Dueling Coaster

Lightning Racer, the first racing/dueling wooden dueling coaster in the United States, opened at Hersheypark on May 13, 2000.

The double-track coaster features a ride height of 90 feet, a maximum speed of 50 mph and a track length of 6,800 feet (3,400 feet each side). Lightning Racer provides a thrilling element of competition between thunder and lightning. It is located in the Midway America region of Hersheypark.

Take a ride on Lightning Racer below.


45th Anniversary of Attraction Offering Sweet Views of Hershey

Kissing Tower, a family-friendly attraction that soars 330 feet in the air, began operation on May 18, 1975.

The attraction takes riders on a 250-foot ascent to the top of Hershey in an enclosed cabin while learning about the history of Hershey, Pa. The best part? Kissing Tower features windows shaped like Hershey's Kisses that provide a 360-degree view of Hersheypark and the town of Hershey. It is located in the aptly named Kissing Tower Hill region of Hersheypark.