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Tulip-Palooza at Hershey Gardens Slated to Spring Up Soon!

Hershey Gardens to Feature More Than 30 New Cultivars

“I love tulips better than any other spring flower; they are the embodiment of alert cheerfulness and tidy grace...” This quote, by British novelist Elizabeth von Arnim, could perhaps be the reason why so many guests look forward to seeing Hershey Gardens’ renowned spring tulip display.

“This year’s tulip display at Hershey Gardens will include more than 28,000 blooms, including more than 30 new cultivars,” said Alyssa Hagarman, horticulture specialist, Hershey Gardens. “The plants have been laid out in large blocks, for an impressive show of color.”

Tulips usually peak in early May, but Mother Nature has the final say. Updates on the blooming of tulips are made regularly on Hershey Gardens’ Facebook page and on www.HersheyGardens.org.

Two new triumph tulips that guests can look for are the ‘Apricot Foxx’ and ‘Rembrandt’s Favorite.’ “Both are bicolored, but the fragrant ‘Apricot Foxx’ colors almost blend together,” said Hagarman. “The contrasting colors of ‘Rembrandt’s Favorite’ will certainly catch your eye.”

Darwin Hybrids are one of the most stunning tulip types. “Their huge flowers and height are enough to demand attention, but then you add the amazing, bold and bright colors and you have a truly spectacular flower,” said Hagarman. “My favorite is the beautiful mix of all those amazing colors in ‘The Giant Darwin Hybrid Mix,’ which has 11 different cultivars, ranging from a bold red to a creamy white.” Another new Darwin tulip is the ‘Design Impression.’ “It not only has a lovely radiant rose flower with muted gold flushes, but the leaves are also unique with their deep green and lime edges.”

Parrot tulips and peony flowering tulips are also show stoppers. “Their fringed edges and densely packed flowers make you second guess if you’re actually looking at a tulip,” said Hagarman. “Three of my favorites this year are ‘Black Parrot,’ ‘Blue Wow’ and ‘Yellow Mountain.’ ‘Black Parrot’ is a velvety purple-black with fringed edges. ‘Blue Wow’ has densely packed layers of blue-purple petals. ‘Yellow Mountain’ is an opulent puffy, pale lemon yellow; all three of these tulips also have a delicate fragrance.”

Regardless of variety, the blooming tulips at Hershey Gardens are undoubtedly nature’s most colorful sign of spring’s arrival.