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Top Favorites for Christmas in Hershey

There are so many things to do and enjoy at Christmas in Hershey it's almost impossible to pick a favorite. So we asked some of our Sweetest Moms their thoughts:

Lindsay - SeeMomClick.com

We love everything in Hershey at Christmastime but Sweet Lights has been our longest tradition!


Wendy - ABCsAndGardenPeas.com

I think our favorite part of Christmas in Hershey is the hot chocolate and seeing Santa's reindeer! (The holiday menu at the spa is pretty great, too.)

Ashley - MamaRambles.com

I'm looking forward to Sweet Lights and the live reindeer. Connor is looking forward to whatever is the new holiday King Size Shake flavor and "spending time with my Pop and Gigi" (his grandparents). So food and family for him.

Susan - SusansDisneyFamily.com

Our favorite parts about the holidays in Hershey is the holiday lights around the park, you really go all out and we love it. Visiting the park though the holidays has been a family tradition we have done for many years, we love it. (we started this tradition so many years ago, back then it was free it get into the park, and you would purchase tickets to ride the rides....)

Megan - NEPAMom.com

My family loves Christmas in Hershey--in fact it is our favorite time to visit. We love to bundle up and visit the park, stop in and see Santa and Rudolph of course and then head over to Sweet Lights. Before we leave the park we always grab some kettle corn and eat it in the car while we look at the lights and sing along to the carols on the radio. We always then end our night in front of the fireplace at the Hershey Lodge eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking hot chocolate from the Cocoa Beanery. It truly is our favorite holiday tradition.

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