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The top 5 yummy treats for Fall & Halloween in Hershey PA!

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You know Hershey is synonymous with sweet treats. And you would expect some stupendous treats to be available in Hershey PA...right? Well, you would be right in that assumption, especially during the holidays where there are even more amazing treats then you can even imagine! From cookies to cupcakes to fudge and so much more. Hershey hotels, Hersheypark and Hershey's Chocolate World all have more treats than you can imagine. The treats are even more special during the holiday times. Lucky us to be in Hershey PA at the right time (well isn't anytime really the right time for Chocolate Town?) just in time for all of the fall treats to be available. With so many to choose from, what did we love the most? Well here is our top 5 Hershey PA fall treats, in no particular order! 

Top 5 Hershey PA fall treats!

5. Assorted flavored cheesecake cups and cupcakes. You can't go wrong with a creamy cheesecake, in a portable liner. The Choices were plentiful, by my favorite fall choice was the Pumpkin Cheesecake, it was even decorated with a cute pumpkin! Thecupcakes all looked divine, but for my money, there is nothing better than a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake! For the fall season, the Reeses cupcakes were topped with Reese's pumpkins (they are my favorite!).

4. Chocolate Covered Bacon! Yes, you read that right CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!! Not just chocolate covered, but also topped with Reeses Pieces! Or fall colored chocolate. Bacon and chocolate, it may be a bit different, but it just works!

3. Do you want something sweet, or do you want something salty? Much like the chocolate covered bacon the next treat gives you the best of both worlds. Kettle Corn is just what you are looking for. The kettle corn at Hersheypark is made right before your eyes in huge kettles and bagged up warm! What an amazing treat. 

2. S'mores. The classic melted chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackersweetness, is a big deal in Hershey. You can get these at Hershey's Chocolate World, or in Hersheypark, made fresh. So ooey and gooey and melted goodness. 

1. The ultimate Hershey treat! Get Hersheypark Happy with a sweet King Sized shake from Simply Chocolate! The newest edition is a sweet fall treat! This limited edition is filled with pumpkin pie milkshake, with a caramel swirl. Of course with the King Sized Shakes, you will get much more than just a yummy shake. This is topped with chocolate covered pretzels rods and a pumpkin roll! Yes, a whole slice of a pumpkin roll, two desserts in one! This one is a big one, it will be great for sharing! 

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