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The “Non-Roller-Coaster-Rider” Guide to Hersheypark

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My son and I recently took a trip to Hershey The Sweetest Place on Earth! in Pennsylvania. During this visit, we spent a day at Hersheypark, checking out everything the park has to offer! Well, almost everything. My son just turned six years old. Even though his official Hershey height is a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, roller coasters just don’t seem to be his thing. So for those you who aren’t big coaster fans, I present to you, my “Non-Roller-Coaster-Rider” Guide to Hersheypark!

If you are like me, one of the main reasons you visit an amusement park is for the rides! Thanks to the Hersheypark App, I was able to obtain a listing of all rides available in the amusement park. If you know your child’s height before visiting, you can check out which rides are available to them on the Hersheypark website. There is an Official Height Measurement Station within the park as well. Spoiler alert: I’m a Jolly Rancher!

Hersheypark Rides

Given his height, thrilling rides such as Fahrenheit, Great Bear, SkyRush, and Storm Runner were out of the question. Now my son did ride a couple thrill rides such as Laff Track, Pirate, and Trailblazer. But he took one look at Comet (one of my favorite wooden coasters!) and told me that roller coasters were not for him.

Personally, I love roller coasters. But no problem! Hersheypark has many other rides to enjoy that were more his pace.

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