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The King And I Coming to the Hershey Theatre...Again!

April 3 - 8, 2018

Many people may have seen the movie The King And I when growing up. You may not know that the original touring production in 1954 visited Hershey Theatre, including Yul Brynner who won two Tony Awards and an Academy Award for the film version!

Since the Broadway show is coming Hershey Theatre again April 3-8, 2018 we wanted to provided a little refersher on the cast:

The Cast:

ANNA LEONOWENS: a young widow from Wales who has agreed to a position teaching in the royal palace of the King of Siam; she is strong-willed and forward thinking and challenges the King’s views and ways of ruling.

LOUIS LEONOWENS: Anna’s teenage son.

KING MONGKUT OF SIAM: the ruler of Siam who has progressive ideas for his country but struggles with his desire to uphold Siamese traditions.

LADY THIANG: the King’s head wife and mother to Crown Prince Chulalongkorn; she is wise and patient and understands the complexities of the King’s nature.

PRINCE CHULALONGKORN: Lady Thiang and the King’s opinionated and strong-willed teenage son; heir to the throne.

THE KRALAHOME: the Prime Minister of Siam; the King’s most trusted and powerful advisor.

LUN THA: a young man from Burma who is studying the King’s temple and is secretly in a relationship with Tuptim.

TUPTIM: a young woman from Burma who is presented to the King as a gift from the Prince of Burma; she is in love with Lun Tha.

PHRA ALACK: the King’s secretary.

CAPTAIN ORTON: the British Captain of the Chow Phya, the ship that takes Anna and Louis from Singapore to Bangkok.

SIR EDWARD RAMSAY: a British diplomat who Anna was romantically involved with in the past; he is an important player in the diplomatic game for friendship in Siam, and the King must win him over.

There are still tickets available for The King And I, along with tickets for Kids' Night on Broadway. 

1. Jose Llana
2. Laura Michelle Kelly

Hershey Theatre opened in September 1933. It has established itself as the area’s premier performing arts center, presenting the finest in touring Broadway shows, classical music and world-renowned entertainers. 

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