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As a Central PA native, I’ve been on The Hotel Hershey property many times, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that I actually stayed as a guest! It took 40 years for me to see the inside of one of the rooms, and I’m ready to tell you all about it! And you’ll have to excuse me now, because I think there will be lots of exclamation points in this post!


I can’t imagine sharing The Hotel Hershey with you guys and starting anywhere else than curb appeal! Located at the top of a hill and overlooking Hersheypark and the town of Hershey, even just driving up to the property is gorgeous. Regardless of the season you’re visiting in, the employees always have it show ready and looking its finest!

With it’s signature green roof and Italian style fountains, you’ll see hints everywhere to how much Milton Hershey enjoyed traveling the world!

And the curb appeal doesn’t just stop with the front of the hotel. You have to be sure to visit the back as well for even more fountains and the formal gardens!

As a local, this was always a hot spot to come for photographs! High school kids get prom photos taken, families get Mother’s Day photos here, and I have pictures of my kids as toddlers posed on these steps!

It’s so much more massive than pictures can convey and worth taking the time to stroll around and enjoy it! There are lots of benches scattered throughout as well, so you can even bring a book out to enjoy the peace and quiet!


When we first entered the lobby of the hotel this past weekend, we were greeted by none other than the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! While a costume character isn’t always stationed in the lobby, there are times every day that they are so it would be fun to find those times out before you arrive so you can time it correctly for you kids!

If you’re looking for places to relax, one of our favorites is the fireplace seating area right outside The Cocoa Beanery and the Sweets Shop. Grab a specialty coffee and a cupcake and get comfortable!

You’ll find lots of spots like this tucked away throughout the hotel to hang out with friends or just to people watch!


While there’s plenty to do in the town of Hershey itself, you can easily keep yourself busy just staying at the hotel!

When you check in for your stay, you’ll receive a print-out of that weekend’s activities. It’s jam-packed with everything from tours of the hotel to chocolate Bingo to craft sessions and more!

You can also head to Harvest, the restaurant behind the Hotel for indoor game rooms. The perfect activity for a rainy day! They actually have 2 game rooms in Harvest: one for kids under 18 and one for 18+.

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