10:00 AM

Test Your Knowledge of Marvel Universe LIVE!

Marvel fans, assemble! On November 28 and 29, Giant Center will welcome Marvel Universe LIVE!, the largest production ever undertaken by Feld Entertainment. The show combines state-of-the-art special effects with the latest in robotics, stunt and projection technology for a mind-blowing, live performance unlike anything fans have ever seen.

Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level. Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man, The Avengers - Iron Man, Hulk, and more, plus threatening villains come to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza. You’ll feel the energy with cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, martial arts, motorcycles and more. It’s being hailed as the most technically advanced live show ever. Come to Hershey and join Marvel fans of all ages for this once-in-a-lifetime, monumental performance.

We were able to get the inside scoop, and share some exciting facts and figures with you about the upcoming shows. Read on and prepare to be blown away!

  • There is enough feeder cable powering the show to run across the Golden Gate Bridge – BOTH ways!
  • It takes more computer power to run the show’s projections than to power a space shuttle.
  • The size and scope of the production fills the entire rehearsal space in the Feld Entertainment Facility, the third largest building in Florida (the largest building in Florida houses the Space Shuttle).
  • There is enough chain supporting the superstructure (the truss) to connect New York and New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge.
  • There are 21 projectors used in production.
  • It’s one of the largest projection spaces ever known to be built.
  • It took more than 1,500 hours to build The Hulk.
  • There were 4 Hulk prototypes versions made.
  • It takes 2 car batteries worth of power to operate The Hulk
  • The Hulk is 8’5” tall!
  • There are 40 male performers and 13 female performers in the show.
  • The age range of the performers is 18-40.
  • It’s takes a crew of 51 and a staff of 8 to bring the show to life.
  • It takes 28 trucks to transport the production from city to city.

We hope to see you dressed as your favorite super hero…the fate of the universe depends on it! For information and tickets, please visit www.GiantCenter.com. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for ongoing updates, news and events.