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Photos: Hersheypark 2024 Off-Season Maintenance

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Work Done on Amusement Park Rides During Winter

The Hersheypark operating calendar is jam-packed with countless opportunities for Hersheypark Happy from the end of March through New Year's Day. But what happens at the largest amusement park in Pennsylvania during the other three months of the year? At the beginning of January, Hersheypark traditionally closes its gates to the public for what the industry calls the “off-season.” 

While the 121-acre park may seem deserted to the average guest during this timeframe, a team of more than 200 full-time maintenance staff is entering its busiest season. Throughout the winter, electricians, mechanics, welders, carpenters and painters disassemble, inspect, repaint and reassemble the more than 70 Hersheypark attractions to ensure a sweet and safe guest experience come springtime.

For our team (and guests, of course!), the countdown to the return of coaster riding is on. Hersheypark opens for the 2024 operating year in just 50 days on March 29, 2024 - the earliest opening ever. Until then, we wanted to give you a sneak peek inside the Maintenance shop at the Hersheypark Entertainment Complex to see the work currently being done on family favorites like the 105-year-old Carrousel, as well as coasters like Trailblazer, which turns 50 this summer, and Wild Mouse, celebrating 25 years this year. 

As Hersheypark continues to evolve as a world-class destination for family fun, the team takes pride in not only investing in new attractions and experiences but also preserving the history and legacy of iconic rides like Comet

The oldest continuously operating coaster at Hersheypark is getting a new look this year with a three-tone blue color scheme and a glittering metal flake treatment. The lead car has new logos that harken back to the early 70's iconography of the Comet but with a new celestial treatment that carries onto the side panels of each car for an out-of-this-world look. The star is now featured prominently blazing across the track, leaving a sparkling ion tail in its wake. The new trains also boast gold trim and diamond plate details. 

One of the coaster trains is already in the Comet station, while the others are receiving final touches inside the Maintenance shop, as seen below. 

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Join the Team

Want to join our sweet team? Hersheypark is hiring for the 2024 season! The first hiring event of the year will take place on February 10, 2024. RSVP to be interviewed at Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor, located at the main entrance to Hersheypark, between 9-11 a.m. Can’t make it in person? No problem! Apply online, and a member of our Hiring Team can schedule a phone interview with eligible applicants. 

We look forward to seeing you next month for the start of our 118th operating year!

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