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Our ‘Behind The Scenes Tour’ Experience at ZooAmerica

This post originally appeared on mommarambles.com

When many think of Hersheypark Amusement Park, they think of roller coasters, carnival games, family fun and of course, chocolate! However, one of the many aspects that makes Hersheypark unique from your every day amusement park, is that it’s attached to ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park! Several weeks ago, my son and I had the amazing privilege to visit ZooAmerica before they opened to the public that day, as part of their Behind the Scenes Tour experience.

For the past 40 years, ZooAmerica has been a home for more than 200 animals native to the continent of North America, on 11 acres of land by Hersheypark. While they offer many fun and exciting programs, only popular experience for guests is their Behind The Scenes tours. You can opt for Early Bird, After Hours, or a Photography centered tour, as a guide takes you through not only the non-public spaces, but allows you to get up-close with with their animals!

Our Early Bird tour started at 8 AM that morning. While I sipped my coffee while walking over to the Zoo, my son was beyond excited to get the tour started!

Much of the Early Bird tour takes place outside. As it was early in the morning, some of the animals were still waking up for the day, like the sleepy bobcats!

And the snowy owl!

One of my favorite animals at the Zoo are the bald eagles! Luckily they were awake and chatting away.

My son always gets a kick out of testing out his reach against the eagle’s wing span.

One of the experiences on the Behind The Scenes tour is feeding the animals.

Twister and Husker are two gray wolves that reside at ZooAmerica. They were more than happy to approach the fence and eagerly await for the raw meat we threw in their den.

The wolves are one of my son’s favorite animals, so he was beyond excited for this particular feeding experience. It was cool to just watch the wolves run around up close. Check out my quick video of Twister and Husker in action.

We also had the chance to feed white-tail deer and wild turkeys. It was tricky at first to get the deer to come over as the turkeys were more than happy to try to eat the bananas we had for the deer in addition to the seeds we offered them.

But once the turkeys cleared, it was cool experience to feed the docile deer.

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