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How do you measure up? Ride Height Printable

Is your 6 year old tall enough to ride the new Whitecap Racer ride in the boardwalk? What rides can a 1.5 year old ride with you and are there any they can do by themselves? Can my 10 year old ride Great Bear?


All good questions that can be answered with the Hershey candy brand themed ride height system at Hersheypark. Based on how tall you are (age is not a factor), you are assigned a Hershey brand category and with that, a set of rides fit for you when you come to Hersheypark

If you want to track your progress at home and measure your kids, we have a free download for you of a printable ride height chart with the candy-themed categories! 

Here are the height requirements by brand:

Download the Free Printable Ride Height Guide



1. Print out all 7 pages.

2. Cut along lines.

3. Piece the chart together.

4. Measure up! DIY Ride Height Guide

Note: This does not serve as an official measurement but can serve as a progress tracker at home. For example I have a 6 year old who is using this to measure herself weekly to see when she can reach the Hershey Bar category :)


Here are some excited kids who reached the next height category: