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How do you measure up? Ride Height Printable

Are you tall enough to ride Great Bear? What rides can a 1.5-year-old ride with you and are there any they can do by themselves? Can your 6-year-old ride the Whitecap Racer ride in The Boardwalk?

These are all good questions that can be answered with the Hershey's candy brand-themed ride height system at Hersheypark. Based on how tall you are (age is not a factor), you are assigned a Hershey's brand category and with that, a set of rides fit for you when you come to Hersheypark

If you want to track your progress at home and measure your kids, we have a free download for you of a printable ride height chart with the candy-themed categories! 

Here are the height requirements by brand:

Download the Free Printable Ride Height Guide



1. Print out all 7 pages.

2. Cut along lines.

3. Piece the chart together.

4. Measure up! DIY Ride Height Guide

Note: This does not serve as an official measurement but can serve as a progress tracker at home. For example, I have a 6-year-old who is using this to measure herself weekly to see when she can reach the Hershey Bar category :)