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Hersheypark Welcomes Coaster Con 43

5 Ways to Show Your Love For All 15 Coasters at Hersheypark

Hersheypark will welcome coaster enthusiasts from across the country for the 43rd annual Coaster Con convention, the flagship event of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) and the largest gathering of members every year.

If you are planning to attend this exciting event, here are 5 ways to show your love for the impressive collection of 15 mild to wild coasters during your visit to Hersheypark.

1. Take a Ride on the Coasters

Hersheypark is home to 14 world-class roller coasters and 1 water coaster with something for everyone - from Cocoa Cruiser as a first coaster experience for young guests to our tallest, fastest, longest and sweetest coaster, Candymonium, with the most airtime in Hersheypark.

The most obvious and fun way to enjoy the coasters at Hersheypark is to ride them! If you conquer all of them, you will enjoy more than 40,400 feet of track and almost 24 minutes of coaster-riding bliss.

Can't make it for Coaster Con? Join us for a virtual ride on each of our coasters here


2. Indulge in Themed Coaster Food Around the Park

Guests visiting Hersheypark can find nods to our roller coaster collection at select dining locations throughout the Park. From coaster-themed hot dogs to ice cream flavors named after our newest coaster, check out some of the delicious treats available for purchase during your visit.

Milton's Ice Cream Parlor

Milton's Ice Cream Parlor is inspired by Mr. Hershey's early ventures in sweetness that came before his famous chocolate factory. Expert Ice Creamologists will craft custom creations from 100% local dairy house-made ice cream, Hershey’s candy toppings, decadent sauces, and savory shareables. 

  • Guests can choose from more than one dozen flavors, including Candymonium, which is made with Twizzlers, Reese's and Hershey's candies.

The Sweeterie Confectionery Kitchen

The Sweeterie is a confectionery kitchen with a curated collection of mouth-watering confections including chocolate-dipped treats, decadent desserts, signature hand-crafted fudge, and more. And, of course, we have treats celebrating Hersheypark including:

  • Comet Coaster Bar - three layers of peanut butter cake, milk chocolate ganache and peanut butter filling topped with a white chocolate peanut coating
  • Laff Trakk Swirl Cake - chocolate vanilla chiffon cake and vanilla buttercream icing

Berks Hot Dogs

We continue to offer coaster dogs at Berks in the Pioneer Frontier area of Hersheypark. Guests can stop by the stand for a hot dog and frozen beverage! The three coaster dog offerings include:

  • Great Bear Coaster Dog - hot dog with chili, cheese and bacon bits
  • Wild Mouse Coaster Dog - hot dog with cheese sauce, shredded cheddar and bacon bits
  • NEW! Fahrenheit Coaster Dog - jalapeno peppers and cheese infused hot dog topped with chili, cheese and hot sauce

3. Visit our All-New, Full-Service Restaurant, Bar + Patio

The Chocolatier Restaurant, Bar + Patio is now open in Hershey’s Chocolatetown. The largest restaurant in Hershey features nods to past and present elements from the Hersheypark ride collection, one-of-a-kind views of neighboring attractions, and a second-story patio with a bar that provides incredible views of Candymonium, the Carrousel and Kisses Fountain.

Guests can enjoy classic family fare with a fun spin and hints of chocolate, cocktails crafted with unique ingredients like Hershey’s candies and cotton candy and a signature dessert menu filled with Hershey’s chocolate-inspired treats - all from a coaster-themed Comet booth!

The Fun to Table menu features items named after some of our iconic coasters, including:

  • Sooper Dooper Shareable Ice Cream Sundae - eight scoops of 100% local dairy housemade ice cream, chocolate Belgian waffle, salted caramel sauce, raspberry sauce, whipped cream, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, Reese's Pieces candy, chopped peanuts and chocolate chips.
  • Laff Trakk Lemonade - blue raspberry lemonade with crushed Jolly Rancher candy
  • Great Beary Mojito - Bacardi Light Rum, mint, fresh strawberries and lime topped with soda water and garnished with a strawberry
  • White Lightning Racer - Ole Smoky Hunch Punch Lightnin' Whiskey, lemonade, Sierra Mist, cranberry juice and a lime wheel

4. Take Home a Coaster Souvenir

Stop by Hersheypark Supply Co. during your visit and grab some of the best apparel and other gear to represent your favorite Hersheypark coaster. Our premier, 10,000-square-foot flagship store in Hershey's Chocolatetown is home to the largest collection of apparel, gifts, toys and more exclusive to Hersheypark.

Roller coaster enthusiasts may want to check out the selection of NanoCoasters, coaster shirts and socks, Comet 75th anniversary merchandise, and more. In the meantime, here is a list of roller coaster retail at Hersheypark Supply Co.

5. Read up on Our Coaster History

Did you know there has been a roller coaster at Hersheypark since 1923 with the original Wildcat, which operated until 1945?

2021 is a special year for coaster lovers as Comet, the oldest coaster at Hersheyparkturns 75 and Candymonium, the newest, tallest, fastest and longest coaster, delights thrill-seekers for its first full year.

Learn more about the history of our coaster collection here.