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Hersheypark Scores with Reese’s Cupfusion!

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Last week I chatted about what’s new in 2019 for Hersheypark Amusement Park! One of the attractions I mentioned was Reese’s Cupfusion!. Over the weekend, my son and I headed off for weekend getaway in Hershey, PA. It was my special treat to him since the school year is about to wrap up. During our stay, I was thrilled that we finally were able to experience Hersheypark‘s latest ride for ourselves.

Reese’s Cupfusion opened last month, joining the more than 70 rides available for guests during the 2019 season at Hersheypark! While we loved the former Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge, I couldn’t wait to check the new interactive gaming ride taking its place.

Photo Credit: Hersheypark

One thing to keep in mind BEFORE you get on the ride, is to grab an HPGO wristband! There are kiosks right outside the attraction where you can print a wristband.

Photo Credit: Hersheypark

We made the mistake of rushing to get on the ride, completely forgetting to grab a wristband, until we were in line for quite some time. With an impatient, sweaty, 8 year old, I decided not to bother exiting the line for the wristband.

After the ride, we decided to grab wristbands in case we rode Reese’s Cupfusion again.

As with any new ride, the lines can be long. This is no surprise on a summer Saturday, which is why Fast Track is an awesome option! Sadly we did not get to ride Reese’s Cupfusion again due to it being closed, while we were at Hersheypark the following day, due to maintenance. Sure it can be an inconvenience, but I love that Hersheyparkmakes ride safety a top priority!

So let me rewind back to the HPGO wristband. This is a new personalized service that Hersheypark just started offering for 2019! When you connect your wristband to the Hersheypark app, you can collect free ride stats and photos from Reese’s Cupfusionand Whitecap Racer.

Plus you can link in your Fast Track program purchase. With the Fast Track program, guests can skip the regular line on up to 14 attractions, including 12 coasters. The all-new Fast Track Unlimited is available for purchase as well.

Also with HPGO, if you have one of the highest scores in Reese’s Cupfusion, your name could end up on on the Leader Board outside the attraction! How awesome is that?

So again, I repeat, PICK UP A FREE WRISTBAND before you ride the attraction!

So back to Reese’s Cupfusion… While in line, there is a video that plays explaining the challenge featuring the fun new characters of the attraction, Commander Cup, and the villain, Mint the Merciless! Luckily these displays help keep young ones distracted while you wait in line. My son was too busy watching to even look at me for a photo!

The basic concept of the ride is that you are now an agent trainee tasked with guarding the Crystal Cup! As a rider, you are to hit targets to increase your score. There are several ways to play while riding Reese’s Cupfusion:

  • Fixed and Motion-Based targets
  • Small and Large Media targets featured on screens up to 22 ft tall
  • Unlock “Easter eggs” through individual and cooperative group play, resulting in bonus points

Photo Credit: Hersheypark

After you enjoy the ride, you will exit into a themed retail shop. There are definitely fun and cute Reese’s Cupfusion items for sale!

Much of the area around the attraction as been re-themed to fit the Reese’s Cupfusionconcept. This includes two kiddie rides taken over by Mint the Merciless and the League of Misfit Candy, now called Misfit Bug and Minty Bees! Plus there is the new Commander Cup Factory Game if you are up for the challenge.