20:24 PM

Hersheypark Installs Top of Wildcat's Revenge Lift Hill

First Hybrid Coaster in Pennsylvania Opening This Summer

It was an exciting day at Hersheypark with the addition of the top arch to the 140-foot lift hill of Wildcat’s Revenge.

Watch as we install the lift hill truss and enjoy some great drone shots of our 15th coaster!


When it opens, Wildcat's Revenge will be the first hybrid coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) in Pennsylvania and join an iconic collection of 15 coasters at Hersheypark - the most in the Northeast. Explore more coaster construction progress.

Hybrid Coaster Experience

The 2-minute and 36-second experience begins as riders sit in one of three custom-themed trains (a design first for Hersheypark), climb a 140-foot hill, plunge into an 82-degree drop and hit a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour along 3,510 feet of red track on a black steel and wood structure. The pursuit continues as riders stalk their prey through four inversions, including the World’s Largest Underflip, an inversion that begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down towards the side. 

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