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Hersheypark In The Dark. Your complete guide.

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Hersheypark in the Dark takes place on Friday through Sundays in October and November and is a sweet addition to your fall travel plans. Family friendly fall themed fun ,rides, food and activities will be sure to be part of your fall family traditions.

Hersheypark in the Dark along with Springtime in the park and Hersheypark Christmas Candylane round out the Hersheypark season of fun.

Is Hersheypark in the Dark Scary?

Hersheypark in the dark is not meant to be scary. The theme is fall fun, sweet treats and a family friendly Halloween theme. You will see families dressed up in all sorts of Halloween costumes and you will find the occasional teenager with a scary mask or frightful costume but the majority of the costumes that families wear, if they choose to wear, are all family friendly. 

What do tickets for Hersheypark in the dark cost?

If you have a Hersheypark season pass hersheypark in the dark is INCLUDED with your pass. The prices for Hersheypark in the dark tickets for 2019 are $41.95 for adults and $31.95 for junior and senior guests. 

Does Hersheypark decorate for Halloween?

Hersheypark is decorated for Halloween with hundreds of pumpkins, dried corn stalks and other family friendly fall and Halloween decorations. The decorations are a blend of fall, Halloween and Hershey themes.

Will there be Halloween themed food for Hersheypark in the dark?

Festive food and beverage offerings, such as Pumpkin King Size Shakes, pumpkin funnel cakes and s’mores made with cookies and peanut butter cups, will be available for purchase.

Is Hersheypark open on Halloween?

This year Halloween falls on a Thursday and Hersheypark in the dark is only open from Friday to Sunday.

What rollercoasters are open during Hersheypark in the dark?

13 roller coasters will be open (weather permitting) for guests to enjoy with unique dark ride opportunities during Hersheypark in the dark. You can experience a lights-out ride on three wooden roller coasters during the last hour of operation each evening. The indoor glowing Laff Trakk coaster will also be dark throughout Park operation.

New for 2019 – Reese’s Cupfusion attraction is an interactive gaming ride with the most targets in the world that will have guests protecting the factory to ensure the world is never deprived of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.