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Hersheypark Celebrates National Roller Coaster Day

We’re gearing up for #NationalRollerCoasterDay at Hersheypark by celebrating all of our one of a kind coasters! Ranging from 13 feet to more than 212 feet high, the whole family can enjoy the variety of thrills on Hersheypark's coasters.  

FUN FACT: Hersheypark has the longest cumulative coaster track in all of Pennsylvania!

Take a virtual ride on all of the #HPcoasters, beginning with Hersheypark's first wooden coaster and ending with our newly announced water coaster!

Comet (1946)

When first constructed, Comet was originally painted green. Milton S. Hershey preferred his rides this color to blend into the scenery and atmosphere of the Park. It was eventually painted white and given lights to allow riders to look ahead and see what they’re going to experience next.

Comet was the last coaster Mr. Hershey himself purchased, but he never got to see its opening.

Trailblazer (1974)

At its opening, Trailblazer was the first major coaster to be added to Hersheypark in 18 years. Kicking off the Park's expansion of Pioneer Frontier, it was the first attraction at Hersheypark to be completely themed. Trailblazer is the second-oldest running coaster in the Park and reaches speeds of up to 45 mph!

sooperdooperLooper (1977)

This coaster was the first looping coaster on the East Coast and only the second of its kind in the United States.

The famous “I Survived the sooperdooperLooper” phrase was coined in 1977, after one of the first riders on opening day came off the ride feeling as though he really had survived the ride. It remains one of the most ridden attractions in the Park.

Sidewinder (1991)

The Sidewinder is a boomerang coaster and because of its shape, it's the only major coaster in Hersheypark to only use one train. It gets its name from the North American Sidewinder Rattlesnake, as it moves in a sidewise looping motion with only two points touching the ground at any one time.

Wildcat (1996)

The Wildcat is a wooden roller coaster named after the 1920's coaster of the same name. The original Wildcat was Hersheypark's first roller coaster, which operated from 1923-1945. Wildcat takes its riders on a circuit of eleven turns and reaches speeds of 45mph!

Great Bear (1998)

Great Bear is the only inverted roller coaster at Hersheypark. This coaster lifts its riders 90 feet off the ground before taking them through loops at up to 61mph! The roaring bear noise heard throughout the Park is made from the wheels vibration resonating against the hollow track beams.

Wild Mouse (1999)

Wild Mouse is the only roller coaster at Hersheypark to never stop! It includes six 180-degree hairpin switchback turns, giving its riders the illusion they are about to fall off the track.


Lightening Racer (2000)

Lightning Racer is the 1st wooden racing and dueling roller coaster in the United States!

Though you hear thunder before you see lightning, the winner of Lightning Racer is primarily based on the weight of each train.

Storm Runner (2004)

Stormrunner hydraulically launches riders from 0 to 72mph in only 2 seconds, lifting them 18 stories straight up and then down. The coaster exerts more than 8,000 horsepower - quicker than the world’s fastest vehicle. 

Storm Runner is the first coaster to have a dual-loading station with switch tracks, allowing for quicker transitions inbetween rides.

Fahrenheit (2008)

Fahrenheit has a 97-degree negative drop following a 90-degree, 121- foot ascent, making it the steepest coaster in Hersheypark!  The maximum speed on Fahrenheit is 58mph, which is faster than a lion!

Skyrush (2012)

Riders of Skyrush experience speeds of up to 76 mph and forces of 5 G's at the bottom of the first drop.

Supports to hold the force of Skyrush down were drilled up to 120ft into the ground - the same height as Fahrenheit’s tallest drop.

Cocoa Cruiser (2014)

Cocoa Cruiser is Hersheypark's family roller coaster that allows kids to experience a coaster thrill for the first time! 

Cocoa Cruiser V2

Laff Trakk (2015)

Themed after the traditional American funhouses, Laff Trakk is the first indoor, spinning, glow-coaster in the United States.

Breakers Edge (Coming in 2018)

Recently announced Breakers Edge will be added to The Boardwalk At Hersheypark for the 2018 summer season. This family thrill attraction is the world's first HydroMAGNETIC water coaster with flying saucer turns!