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Hersheypark Carrousel

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Riding a carousel is a timeless treat for all ages. The Hersheypark Carrousel is celebrating it’s 100th birthday in 2019 and I’m excited to share some of the details and history that make this carousel special.

Hersheypark's Carrousel Fun Facts and More

Hersheypark considers their carrousel the crown jewel of the park and that’s obvious from the placement and love that’s put into restoration.

Hersheypark Carrousel Facts

Built in 1919 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, this Carrousel’s original home was in Auburn, NJ and moved to Hersheypark in 1945.

With all 66 original horses still in use the craftsmanship and detail is stunning. They work to renovate 8 horses a year to make sure they maintain their color and sparkle. Of the 66 horses 42 of them are considered jumpers. Which in carousel talk means they look like they are jumping in the air.

Milton Hershey horse on Hersheypark's Carrousel

I’ve also learned that a lot of carousels have a dedicated horse, and this one is no different as there’s one dedicated to Milton Hershey. With a chocolate brown and gold color scheme you can see the detail of the Hershey school crest, his initials, buildings around town and more.

Hersheypark Carrousel Horse

They also have one that represents the park, with the famous colorful ferris wheel is represented on this horse.

Hersheypark Carrousel Fun Facts

Of the 66 horses, only one horse has it’s mouth closed. Be sure to look for it the next time you visit!

Hershey Carrousel Organ

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