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Hershey: Where Tradition Meets Family Fun

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I was pleasantly surprised on my last trip to Hershey, PA, to hear all about the rich history of the town and how Milton Hershey built more than an empire – he was a visionary who built a community, which has a solid foundation on strong moral standards and the belief in the human value.

By the age of 26, Milton Snavely Hershey was penniless. With two failed businesses behind him, he was an unlikely candidate for success. Yet Mr. Hershey, a man with steadfast convictions and an insatiable curiosity, turned his story from rags to riches by persevering, eventually selling his caramel company for $1 million to devote all his energies to making chocolate.

It was fascinating to hear about his determination and success through the depression, to make Hershey a prosperous place and how his wife carried their legacy by founding the school which stands to this day and is supported by the Hershey Trust.

The school helps under-privileged local children to this date and hotels and businesses associated with the Hershey Trust donate a portion of their profit to ensure that the school continues to carry on the Hershey’s legacy!

The whole story is a true testament to entrepreneurship and deep compassion to others shown in the form of giving back to a community, which helped the Hersheys build the empire!

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