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Hershey Pennsylvania – A Perfect Weekend Retreat

By Colleen Bohensky


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While you might immediately think “family vacation” when you hear “Hershey Pennsylvania”… after my recent visit I am convinced it is also a perfect location to get away for a couple of days as a couple… or for a girls getaway. Having experienced what Hershey Entertainment and Resorts has to offer I can tell you I had a blast without my kids (even though I love them to pieces… I love them more after I’ve been away a couple of days). With the group of bloggers I was with, there were just so many things to do… and we were really able to enjoy all of the special details.

History & Attention to Detail

Our tours of Hershey, Pennsylvania had so much history and detail about Milton S. Hershey’s life. I’m not a huge history buff… but bringing chocolate and history together was so interesting to me. Hearing about Hershey’s travels, and relationships, and family… it brought so much depth into my understanding of what Hershey brought to chocolate, and what chocolate brought to Hershey. While my children would have enjoyed some of it… I loved having the time to really concentrate. To slowly wander the hotel looking for almost hidden details. To listen and learn about Milton and Catherine (his wife) and their love of children and how they couldn’t have their own… about the school they built… about the support they offered all of their community. I left having a new found love for Milton and Catherine Hershey. I don’t think that would have happened if I was with my girls.

As I look back at some of my photos I can’t help but think it looks opulent… luxurious. Milton S. Hershey built the Hotel Hershey in the midst of the great depression. But he spared no expense while providing work and income during the building and construction of the hotel. He wanted it the way he wanted it. And today the staff still keep the history alive in the details (things like Hershey’s wife Catherine’s favorite flower being included with the yellow roses in flower displays, and the spa robes being yellow, and rose petals being used in spa treatments).

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