13:31 PM

Here’s why Hershey Looks Beautiful 365 Days a Year

The coasters! The food! The flowers! Hershey is almost as well known for the meticulous landscaping that adorns the town as it is for the thrilling coasters. Whether you visit during the heat of summer or the middle of winter, you’re greeted with larger-than-life potted flowers, abundant hanging baskets that are the envy of town and pansies that go on for days, to name a few. Oh, and good luck trying to find a weed among breathtaking flower beds. 

How is this done and who maintains it all? The Hershey Nursery. With less than 20 employees these talented and hard-working individuals maintain the grounds at Hersheypark, ZooAmerica, Hershey Lodge, The Hotel Hershey, The Hershey Story Museum, Hersheypark Camping Resort, Giant Center, Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey Theatre, MeltSpa by Hershey, Chocolate World and Hershey Community Garden. 

To highlight their efforts, below is a small sampling of what this team has accomplished so far this year: 

  • 4,261 cubic yards of mulch spread. This is equal to 71 tractor trailer loads!
  • 120 tons of flower bed amendments.
  • 500+ potted plants.
  • 82,000 annuals planted.
  • 97,968 pansies planted.
  • 922 hanging baskets.
  • 84,000 bulbs (including tulips).
  • 100+ acres of lawn that is mowed weekly.
  • 1,200 tons of debris removed.
  • 30 acres of weeding.
  • 738 tons of road salt.
  • 50,154 pounds of sidewalk ice melt.
  • Miles and miles of fencing put up (and taken down) for concerts, the RV show and Antique Auto.
  • Built numerous garden boxes at the Hershey Community Garden and rebuilt pathways.

The next time you’re visiting be sure to take a minute and admire the landscape. We’re so grateful for the skilled team and all they do to keep Hershey looking extra sweet!