13:50 PM

HE&R Names 2024 Legacy of Excellence Award Winner

At Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R), the highest level of peer-to-peer recognition is the Legacy of Excellence Award. It is awarded annually to one individual who embodies our organization’s Core Values, is devoted to the legacy of our founder, Milton S. Hershey, gives back to Milton Hershey School (MHS) and focuses on our community.

This year saw our company's largest class with 39 of our colleagues nominated and 45 team members submitting nominations.  Mark Anderson was named the s the 2023 Legacy of Excellence Award recipient! 

Mark, Director of Reservations, was nominated by his longtime teammate, Megan Becker. Here are just a few highlights from that nomination: 

  • Mark's devotion to our founder's legacy is evident in his ongoing work with the Milton Hershey School. Project Fellowship is a priority for him, and he seeks ways for our team to assist MHS and now the Catherine Hershey School. 
  • Mark knows his team members' strengths and trusts us to make our team successful. He is also great at finding opportunities for each of us to grow: either using the skills we have to do something new or identifying ways for us to strengthen a skill that could use some help.
  • He maintains his composure and treats others with respect and dignity when the going gets rough. And that trait spreads to the rest of our leadership team: by watching his example, we're reminded time and time again that we have a choice in our responses. 

Mark and his fellow nominees were recognized at an event at  The Hotel Hershey. Learn more about the award, Mark and the class of 2023 in this video. To all of our nominees, thank you for everything you do, and thank you to the team members who took the time to nominate your peers. Congratulations to all!