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Five Treats To Warm Your Chilly Days In Hershey, PA

Winter is quickly approaching and the days are becoming quite chilly here in Hershey, PA. Nothing can warm you up quite like a steaming hot treat from Hershey The Sweetest Place On Earth. Whether you’re craving chocolate, caramel, something fruity, or an adult beverage, we’ve got you covered across our destination. To help you decide which of the many treats you would like to try this fall and winter, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite hot beverages to keep you warm during the chilly months. Enjoy!

For all guests:

  • Hot Caramel Apple Cider – The Cocoa Beanery at The Hotel Hershey

Perfect for fall, this treat consists of delicious hot apple cider with a hint of caramel flavoring.


  • Create-Your-Own Hot Chocolate – Café Zooka at The Hershey Story Museum

Try making your own scrumptious treat by adding one of eight sweet flavors to your hot chocolate. You can add s’mores, Hershey Bliss, Caramel, Toffee Nut, Hazelnut, Raspberry, or Peppermint flavoring. You can also order your hot cocoa “upside down”—with your marshmallow on the bottom!


  • Marshmallow Madness Latte – The Cocoa Beanery at The Hotel Hershey

This unique beverage consists of espresso and steamed milk with marshmallow and caramel flavoring. Ask your barista to add whipped cream for a beautiful presentation. Need an extra boost? Our Marshmallow Madness Latte goes great with our S’mores cupcake!

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For our adult guests:

  • Chocolate Peppermint – Hershey Grill at Hershey Lodge

Perfect for the upcoming holiday season, this refreshing drink includes Créme de menthe, Baileys Irish Cream, Marie Brizard chocolate liquer, Hershey’s® chocolate syrup, and coffee.

  • Reeses® Hot Chocolate – Harvest at The Hotel Hershey

This decadent treat features Castries Peanut Butter Rum and Hot Chocolate. Ask your server to top it off with whipped cream for added fun.

Are we missing your favorite treat from this list? Send us your favorite Hershey, PA hot beverages via @HersheyPA on Twitter or @DiningInHershey on Instagram.

For information about all of the sweet treats in Hershey, PA, please visit: http://www.hersheypa.com/things_to_do/dining/index.php.