10:23 AM

Family Game Night with The Hershey Bears

This post originally appeared on www.SavoringTheGood.com

  When we think of family game night we often think of playing cards or board games around the table after dinner. But there is so much more that can fit into the family game night category! In this instance, you don’t have to actually PLAY the game! You can just watch, cheer, and eat your way to a Hershey Bears victory!

What is included? 4 each of the following:

  • Game Tickets
  • Hot Dogs
  • Sodas
  • Boxes of Popcorn AND
  • 1 Game program

What is the price?

$89 for level 200 seats. (YES it is a GOOD deal!)

Don’t believe me? Check out all the details on HersheyBears.com

But what if I want level 100 seats?

No problem. Upgrade your seats for an additions $26. TOTAL for all 4 of you!

But what if my kids want to bring a friend? Make it an extended family game night.

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