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Experience Restaurant Week in Hershey, PA

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Yesterday, I spent the early afternoon in my happy place: Hershey, PA. It was the first day of their annual Restaurant Week, and I met some media friends at Hershey Grill for a hosted lunch to check out their menu and share the details of the week-long event with you. As usual with Hershey, I hardly know where to start! I suppose the most important message is this: If you’ve had your eye on any specific restaurants, now is the time to make the reservation. The deals are great, and the food is off the charts, as always!

It was so hard to choose because that Smoked Salmon Hash and Pancetta Ravioli were seriously calling my name, but I was really feeling the spring vibe despite the impending snowstorm. I decided on the Little Gem Lettuces and the Spring Herb Mac and Cheese. As soon as that mac arrived, I knew I had made the right choice.

Oh, how happy I get when I have fresh herbs and crisp little green veggies on my plate! But if it’s rich and chocolatey you’re looking for, you’ll find that, too. Or maybe farm to table? Creative seafood? Casual American? Yup, the Hershey restaurant lineup has it covered. Just make sure to browse the Hershey Restaurant Week menus before you make your reservation.

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