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Enjoy true farm-to-fork dining at The Hotel Hershey

Hotel chefs partner with Bow Creek Farm to serve high-quality local beef

Inspired by local and regional ingredients, Harvest at The Hotel Hershey is a favorite dining experience for locals and Hotel guests alike who look forward to our culinary team’s fresh take on genuine American cuisine. 

With a menu focused on fresh seasonal fare, the restaurant serves a variety of soups, salads, shareables, entrees, chops and filets, including guest favorites like Hershey’s Cocoa Barbecue Ribs and the Bavarian Pretzel Cheese Board featuring local meats and cheeses. 

But one thing that always flies off the menu are the featured entrees from Bow Creek Farm.

About Bow Creek

Located right here in Hershey, Bow Creek Farm is a small farm that breeds red angus, known for its rich taste, great flavor and exceptional marbling. The farm has been providing its high-quality, local beef to the restaurants at The Hotel Hershey since 2012. Only a 5-minute drive from the Hotel, this relationship with Bow Creek is truly farm-to-fork! 

Both our guests and team members love that we support local agriculture, especially a farm virtually next door, because it means that we not only know the farmers but we know the beef as well. Rob and Amy Hess, owners of Bow Creek Farm, raise their cattle with respect and care, which lends itself to producing tender, juicy beef.

“Raising superior cattle with a specialized diet in a low-stress environment is the formula we use to provide some of the finest beef available,” the Bow Creek Farm website states. 

“We found that breeding cattle with low-stress traits is a critical first step to crafting beef that is tender, flavorful and healthy.”

Bow Creek Beef is hand-cut and dry aged for 21 days "to naturally tenderize and enhance the flavor," according to the website. “Dry-aging is the icing-on-the-cake that can take an everyday meal and turn it into a delicious, memorable meal to share with family and friends.”

Learn more about Bow Creek Farm and their craft here

Bow Creek On The Menu

In building such a strong relationship with Bow Creek Farm, the chefs at The Hotel Hershey are able to provide instructions to the butcher and order custom cuts for their menus. The menu at Harvest is designed around this great local offering and currently features Bow Creek’s premium beef in dishes, including the Bow Creek Farm Burger and 14 oz. Bow Creek Grilled Ribeye as well as weekend specials, such as the Bow Creek Grilled Tenderloin. Our chefs try to use the entire animal, even for stocks and sauces, so nothing goes to waste.

Bow Creek dishes can sometimes also be found on the menu at the Hotel’s modern Italian restaurant Trevi 5 and all-day cafe Chef’s Market. Menus are always evolving, so be sure to be on the lookout for Bow Creek menu features.

As our Executive Chef says, “When you’re eating fresh, it’s exactly how it should be, and the flavor really tells the difference.”

About The Hotel Hershey

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