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Carrousel at Hersheypark By the Numbers

Check out these sweet facts in celebration of the Carrousel's 100th birthday

The Carrousel at Hersheypark turns 100 years young in 2019. In honor of this incredible milestone, check out some sweet facts by the numbers about the iconic attraction that delights generations of Hersheypark guests each year.

47is the model number of the Carrousel. It was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1919, making it one of the oldest carousels in the country. Some industry folks and carousel enthusiasts refer to the Carrousel at Hersheypark as PTC #47.

66horses make up the Carrousel. From circus horses to a horse painted chocolate brown and gold in honor of Milton Hershey School, there is an option for everyone. Did you know that all 66 of the wooden horses are hand-carved and original to the ride?

2decorative chariots are featured on the Carrousel for guests to enjoy.

42of the 66 horses are jumpers, which means they go up and down.

24of the 66 horses are stationary.

1horse on the Carrousel has a closed mouth. It is a favorite horse of many guests!

153is the model of the Wurlitzer Military Band Organ that produces the traditional carousel music. It was completely restored in 1975 and then again in preparation for the Carrousel's 100th birthday.

54keys are found in the 153-duplex Wurlitzer Military Band Organ.

16organ bells help to produce the beautiful music heard from the Carrousel.

164pipes are housed in the organ.

638,192guests rode the Carrousel at Hersheypark during the 2018 operating season.

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