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Hershey Bears Give Back With Calder Cup Community Challenge

$10,000 Donation Benefits Three Hershey Organizations

On June 14, 2023, as the Hershey Bears and Coachella Valley Firebirds hockey clubs competed in the American Hockey League's (AHL) Calder Cup Finals, the teams announced the Calder Cup Community Challenge: The oldest and newest teams in the AHL have a lot in common, one of which is the support of their tremendous fans. Let’s give back to those fans with the Calder Cup Community Challenge! Whichever team wins the Calder Cup will receive a $10,000 donation from the opposing team to the charity of their choice. Whether to supply books to the local library, give kids access to play hockey, or stock area food pantries…everyone wins! 

In thrilling fashion, the Hershey Bears team won its 12th Calder Cup Championship on June 21, 2023! With an overtime win in Game 7, the team was not the only winner. Our community members also won. The hockey club is proud to announce the $10,000 from the Calder Cup Community Challenge will be shared with three Hershey-based organizations that align with our philanthropic focuses: 

Michael from Hershey Heroes said about the donation, “This is such a surprise and a tremendous honor! On behalf of the Heroes, I thank the entire Hershey Bears organization!” Odette of Hershey Food Bank and Community Outreach stated, “This is wonderful and unexpected news! We are grateful to the Hershey Bears for thinking of us and sharing the challenge dollars with Hershey Food Bank.”  The excitement continued with Christine of Cocoa Packs noting, “We are humbled & grateful for such unexpected generosity. We truly value our Hershey Entertainment & Resorts partnership and love this group of guys for their genuine hearts to help others.” 

We thank our fans - the best in the AHL - for their support all season and to the team for giving back to area residents. The Calder Cup Challenge is part of the club's Hershey Bears Cares initiative. Our Bears' players, coaches and staff are committed to giving back to the community. Throughout the season, the team visited area schools, distributed gifts at holiday drives, attended community events, visited kids in the hospital and much more.  We cannot wait to be back in the community next season! 


Hershey Bears Cares 

For more than 85 years, our Hershey Bears hockey team of the American Hockey League has been thrilling fans on the ice. Off the ice, they have long been active in the community, making a positive difference. Since 2018, the Hershey Bears Cares charitable initiative has been the platform to highlight the organization’s community outreach. In a typical season, our players, coaches and team members conduct various community-focused activities throughout the area.