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Bernice Weaver – Pennsylvania College of Technology

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Bernice Weaver remembers the exact date she enrolled at Milton Hershey School: July 31, 2010. She began her MHS journey as a sixth-grader from Newville, Pennsylvania who applied at the school four times before she was accepted.

“My experience [at MHS] has been life-changing,” Bernice said. “It has made me realize how independent I actually am, and has shown me how strong I can be.”

Throughout middle school and high school, Bernice took advantage of extracurricular activities and learning opportunities by joining the Viva Diversity club, Youth Group, Junior Chapel, Horticulture Club, and National Honor Society. She also developed a fierce work ethic and currently works two jobs—one in the MHS Admissions Office and another off-campus in the local community.

The school’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program also allowed Bernice to explore various career concentrations before discovering her passion for construction. She completed the Construction and Carpentry career pathway and earned two OSHA certifications that will prepare her for the workforce. In the classes of 2012 to 2016, 100 percent of graduating seniors earned at least one industry-recognized certification.

“I like the hands-on nature [of construction],” Bernice said. “You can build something and it lasts.”

Thanks to the school’s partnership with Temple University, Bernice also has taken college courses on the MHS campus and received 17 credits—which gives her more time to pursue her interests when she begins college next fall.

“I want to minor in psychology or sociology, so having 17 credits from the Temple Program will give me more room to get those classes under my belt,” she added.

As a first-generation college student, Bernice will be attending Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to study construction management. She hopes to take some of the lessons she learned at MHS, including her positivity and zest for life, and implement them into her college experience.

“MHS has made me a better person. Before I came here, I was shy and had anger issues, but now I’ve broken out of my shell,” Bernice said. “I’m excited to graduate, try new things and meet new people.”

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