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An Inside 'Scoop' On The Top 5 Ice Cream Spots In Hershey, PA


Sunday is National Ice Cream Day! How will you be celebrating? Sundaes…Milkshakes…Ice Cream Sandwiches? All can be found in Hershey, PA. We walked around with Hersheypark Public Relations Manager Kathy Burrows, lovingly referred to as “the mayor of Hershey” for her expertise and passion for the community, to find the top 5 ice cream locations in Hershey, PA that you can’t miss this Sunday.

Let’s first start with Kathy’s life-long love of ice cream. Kathy has had a true passion for ice cream since childhood when she scooped ice cream at Hersheypark for her summer job. Kathy perks up at the mere mention of ice cream and is known around the office as our resident expert on all things ice cream. She is always first to volunteer for a social media photo with ice cream and never fails to find ice cream in the office fridge. And, whenever there is new ice cream shop in Hershey, you better believe that Kathy is one of its first customers.

As National Ice Cream Day is quickly approaching, we can’t imagine a better person to give us the inside ‘scoop’ on the top 5 ice cream locations in Hershey, PA. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Kathy’s review below. Note: we’ve created a scale to decipher Kathy’s typical descriptions, so be sure to follow along!

Our first stop was Poolside at The Hotel Hershey. Poolside often serves fresh salads, sandwiches, and appetizers, but Kathy says that the real hidden gem is the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

“These chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches are absolutely ‘DE-LISH.’ The whipped cream is fabulous and a welcome addition to the dish. I consider myself an ice cream purist – as I typically go for the plain flavors – but nothing beats these homemade chocolate chip cookies. This presentation is beautiful and I would definitely recommend these treats on a hot summer day.”

Our next stop was across town at Hershey’s Water Works at Hershey Lodge, Hershey Lodge’s indoor pool complex, where Kathy showed off two options from Cocoa Cabana’s menu: the s’mores sundae and a strawberry/blue raspberry flavor burst cone.

Kathy on the s’mores sundae: “This sundae is ‘Yum-o!’ Soft serve ice cream is my absolute favorite, but the texture in this dish is unlike any other sundae I’ve had – the crunchy chocolate chips, soft marshmallows, and creamy soft serve work together wonderfully. I find the assembly of the sundae to be very interesting. There are toppings all throughout the dish!”

Strawberry/Blue Raspberry Soft Serve Cone: “The flavor and color in this cone is incredible! I would love to have ‘just a nip’ on a hot day. This is a very unique ice cream experience!”

We then made our way to Cocoa Beanery, which is also in Hershey Lodge, where Kathy recommended their hand-dipped ice cream and milkshake options.

Kathy on the hand-dipped vanilla dish with sprinkles: “There is a really rich flavor to the vanilla ice cream. It’s perfect for ‘just a nip’ in between meetings at the Lodge. Although I’m a soft-serve fanatic, I give this hand-dipped vanilla ice cream five stars.”

Kathy’s thoughts on the chocolate milkshake: “This milkshake is ‘DE-LISH’ and is a must-try! The flavor of the chocolate within the shake is better than regular chocolate ice cream on its own (which I usually shy away from). The way in which they enhance the flavor is amazing!”

Kathy’s final stop was Hersheypark, where we first visited Makin’ Whoopie Pies at The Boardwalk At Hersheypark for their new whoopie pie ice cream sandwiches.

“This is ‘Yum-o!’ I’m not usually a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but you must try it with the red velvet cake flavor. It is so visually appealing and the whoopie pie cake really enhances the flavor of the sandwich. I also enjoy the peanut butter cake with chocolate ice cream!”

And, that brings us to our last stop: Simply Chocolate. Kathy insisted that we hit this hip spot for a taste of their new King-Sized milkshakes.

Before heading into Kathy’s review, let’s first take a look at her reaction to the milkshake arriving at our table….

“This milkshake breaks the scale every time I drink it. The peanut butter pie is drenched in the milkshake, making the treat doubly amazing. The presentation is a 10/10 and the souvenir mug is great for taking some of the fun home with you. This shake is unbelievable and is perfect for sharing with friends, families, or coworkers. This is a must-try!”

So, there you have it: the top ice cream locations to hit this Sunday for National Ice Cream Day (as told by our resident ice cream expert Kathy Burrows). Do you have a favorite ice cream that we didn’t mention? Share it with us in the comments, and don’t forget to snap a photo of your favorite treat this Sunday!