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Acquire A Perfect Day At The Grand Tasting

Taste. Without it, food wouldn’t be as appetizing; drinks wouldn’t be as satiating, and life would be left a great deal blander. Thank goodness for taste then. It provides that spice to our lives, that sweet sugar on top, and that kick that keeps us coming back for more. Taste makes food more than a meal; it makes it an experience, which is why it should be celebrated.

The Grand Tasting is the premier event of the 7th Annual Wine and Food Festival presented by The Hotel Hershey, and it truly is a celebration of taste. Taking place Sunday, September 18 from 12 – 4 PM on the grounds of The Hotel Hershey, The Grand Tasting is the perfect way to celebrate food, wine, and good times with family and friends.

Read below for a comprehensive list of the best ways to make The Grand Tasting all the more grand.

1. Pair Up & Share Up

An event is always made better when shared with a friend or loved one. The Grand Tasting is no exception. The wine will be sweeter when you have someone to discuss it with. The food will taste all the more delicious when your friend elbows you to try it too. And, the music will be livelier when you have someone to dance along with song after song.

2. Take a Sip Or Two

You can’t have The Grand Tasting without a little something to drink, right? Right. That’s why more than 80 domestic and international wines will be available to sip and sample. Be it white, red, pink, any hue, the perfect glass of wine is waiting for you. Make sure to raise a glass to exceptional taste!

3. Grab A Bite

There is no better way to celebrate good taste than to eat, so make sure to do just that. Award-winning chefs from 11 local restaurants will be cooking up delicious culinary samplings that will complement your wine, wow your taste buds, and satisfy your stomach.

4. Face The Music

It can’t be a festival without live music, so make sure to get in the swing of things with live jazz entertainment. The music will provide the perfect soundtrack to the montage of your food samplings, wine sips, and spontaneous smiles all afternoon long.

5. Give it A Rest

The Hotel Hershey is the perfect place to sleep off an afternoon of savored bites, satiated sips, and captured memories no matter if you are a local or traveled a long way. So, make sure to cap off your day with an overnight stay at The Hotel Hershey on our Sunday Night Vineyard Package!