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A Pleasant Side Effect of Hersheypark Happy: Hersheypark Tired

As a mom of two toddlers I appreciate the importance of keeping my kids on their schedule.

But on vacation or even the weekends sometimes - the kids just don't want to miss out on the fun to take a nap.

I have noticed though that when I take my kids to Hersheypark for the day, not only do they skip their nap in favor of riding rides, playing in the toddler wave pool, and eating ice cream but when we get home they are WORN out. I call this effect Hersheypark tired. Basically it means if they were Hersheypark Happy yesterday they will be Hersheypark tired today.

I am not alone in experiencing this phenomena. As I look on social media I see many other parents have experienced it as well. Here are some visuals to help you understand the unique state.

Hersheypark Tired is...

Asleep before you even get home. 


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Sleeping on TOP of the covers. 


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Sweet Dreams.


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