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5 Jewel Chart-Toppers We Need to Hear at Hershey Theatre!

Jewel's Christmas show is coming on Sunday, December 16, and is the perfect treat for the whole family!

Jewel is bringing her Handmade Holiday Tour to Hershey Theatre on Sunday, December 16! This show is truly a family affair, as the acclaimed singer-songwriter will be joined on stage by her father, Atz, and her brothers, Atz Lee and Nikos Kilcher. Jewel is now a singer-songwriter, actress, author, mother and advocate - but she began her life as a girl in Alaska with no running water, and later was a homeless teenager in San Diego.  Now, she is an award winning, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist who released one of the best-selling debuts of all times. To say we couldn't be more excited for her show is an understatement! To join in our excitement, check out our list of the top 5 non-holiday songs we hope to hear Jewel sing at her show.

1. "You Were Meant For Me" (1997)

Jewel's tale of a failed relationship and coming to terms with the past became a hit and reached #2 on the U.S. Billboard Top 100 for two weeks! This was Jewel's second single to be taken from her debut album, and is one of our all-time favorites.

2. "Foolish Games" (1997)

"Foolish Games" focuses on the frustation of knowing that your love is not reciprocated. The single was lifted from the "Batman & Robin" film soundtrack, and peaked at #7 on the Billboard charts.

3. "Who Will Save Your Soul" (1996)

This song is the first released from Jewel's album "Pieces of You," which she wrote while traveling when she was 16, as she felt everyone else seemed to be looking for someone to save them. This became her first hit single, peaking at #11 in the Billboard Hot 100.

4. "Hands" (1999)

"Hands" is the first single from Jewel's second album, "Spirit." The song reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #1 on VH1's Top 10 Countdown.  We love the Christmas version of the hit, which was released on "Joy: A Holiday Collection!"

5. "Standing Still" (2002)

Featured on the album "This Way," "Standing Still" charted in the United States at #25. This song refers to many stand-stills in Jewel's life, including her career and her love life. 

Still need tickets to hear some Jewel songs, holiday classics, and originals on Sunday at Hershey Theatre? Grab them now, before they're gone!