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4 Reasons to Run the Hershey 10K in 2018

This post originally appeared on NoGuiltLife.com

I make no secret about my love of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

It was literally love at first sight, or more accurately, at first mention that such a magical place existed!

A town built on Hershey chocolate in Pennsylvania? My pre-teen self was downright giddy over the news.

This year I really get to indulge in the sweetest town on earth since I’m a Sweetest Mom ambassador for 2018. This means I get to share all my Hershey love without holding back!

And guys, there’s a lot of it.

If you’ve never been to Hershey, PA, here are four tips for visiting Hershey. Everyone is a first-timer at some point, right?

As a runner, you have many reasons to love Hershey. Here are at least 5 reasons runners love Hershey but I think I have a few more.

If you haven’t planned a Spring Break race, the Hershey 10K is calling your name!

The Hershey 10K sweet deets!

  • It’s the 7th Annual Hershey 10K
  • The Hershey 10K will run on April 7th at 7:30 am
  • Hershey 10K race registration is open now and costs $50
  • Hersheypark is open for Springtime in the Park that weekend!

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