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2021 Partner of the Year Celebrations

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts awards team members across the destination

Every spring, it is tradition for various properties across Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) to announce a “Partner of the Year” award. These team members were nominated by their peers and embody HE&R's Core Values: Devoted to the Legacy, Selfless Spirit of Service, Team-Focused and Respectful of Others.

Throughout the year, team members are nominated by their peers for “Employee of the Month” awards. Then, at the beginning of the following year, property leaders choose which team member deserves the ”Partner of the Year" distinction. The winning team members receive a monetary gift and more, including a commemorative memento, exclusive parking space, tickets to an event or an overnight stay at a resort property.   

Congratulations to all nominees across Hershey Country Club, Hershey Lodge, Hersheypark Entertainment Complex and The Hotel Hershey. Join us in celebrating and thanking the 2021 Partners of the Year!

Hershey  Country Club

Brian McFarland, Housekeeping/Maintenance

Brian McFarlandBrian's nominator notes: "Brian's experience at the Club helps all employees, members and guests. Brian does anything anyone asks of him on top of his own duties. He has been a rock to all employees at the Club. Being short-staffed, Brian has picked up his role in housekeeping, as well as helping me in set-up. He jumped in to help here and there when he saw needed help or because he saw I was overwhelmed. I really appreciated his help through this busy week. 

Brian doesn't want to be recognized for his work - he just wants to see that everyone is succeeding in their own roles and that we are making the members and guests as happy as we can. 

Brian is one of a kind. We should have more employees like Brian!"

Hershey Lodge

Marc Spencer, Guest Services

A key member of the guest services team, Marc is a guest favorite. He makes everyone feel incredibly special, leaving guests with lasting memories. Guests often ask for him by name or say they look forward to seeing Marc when they return to Hershey Lodge.

Hersheypark  Entertainment Complex

Dana Stover, Retail

The amount of product that Dana processed through the Retail Warehouse this summer is truly staggering. In 2021, Dana and his team processed more than 1.1 million individual units. Every single unit that comes into the warehouse is counted by hand and often ticketed by hand, as well. It's incredibly labor-intensive, detailed and time-consuming work. Dana was able to accomplish all of this with a skeleton crew at this summer's break-neck pace. If it wasn't for Dana putting in so much extra time and effort this year, we would never have been able to keep stores stocked. It's truly mind-boggling to consider the volume that Dana and the Warehouse Team have processed over the past several months. Dana plays such an important role in the Retail process, and there's no way we could be as successful as we are without him.

The Hotel Hershey

Katie Dingeldein, Safety & Security

Katie prides herself on having positive interactions with both internal and external guests. She embodies our core values and shows the best qualities of a leader. Katie is an asset to the department and the Hotel, and goes above and beyond her everyday responsibilities. 

Would you or someone you know love to join these incredible team members? HE&R is hiring across the destination in various departments. Visit HersheyJobs.com to view open positions and apply today!