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17 Tips for Having the Best Hersheypark In the Dark Experience

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Hersheypark in the Dark is one of the most fun experiences of visiting the park. Dressing in costumes and enjoying rides and trick-or-treating in the dark at the theme park is pretty exciting. The happiness level stays high and it’s a cool experience everyone can take part in. Recently, my family and I enjoyed Hersheypark in the Dark together, and I have 17 tips for having the best Hersheypark in the Dark experience for you and your family.

1. Save time. Help your kids get ready for the event.

My girls are a piece of work. Art work, that is. I love helping them get ready for costume events. This always involves some type of costume makeup application. For the oldest we went with a zombie theme which required a few facial tattoos and scabbing latex (nothing too scary). For my youngest daughter, we kept it simple and opted for some batwing eyeliner. Perfect for little witches. I didn’t bother completing any Dalmatian spots on my toddlers face. That’s how we all avoided getting black smudges on our clothes (smart, eh!)

2. Join in the Costume Fun!

Don’t be shy. Halloween isn’t just for kids. Feel free to dress up too. Trust me when I say you won’t be the only grown up in costume at the park. I didn’t put on the full costume I brought with me, because I was going as Cruella De Vil (to compliment my little Dalmatian), but wearing a black dress in the park all day didn’t seem as cool when I was getting ready. I did low-key dress up in my favorite blanket though, because #1 – It was chilly, and #2 – it was super cute.

3. Measure Up!

At the park you will notice the ride restrictions at the entrances of every ride. Take a moment to measure your children and plan rides in advance. Check out the Hersheypark Ride Restrictions list.

4. Have fun every step of the way!

Plan rides from the entrance all the way to Treatville. We have several “must do” rides throughout the park. Treatville is located across from the Boardwalk at Hersheypark, so you can use the Hersheypark app to check out the ride wait times and ride your favorite rides on the way to trick-or-treating.

5. Bring your own bag or enjoy a free treat bag, courtesy of Hersheypark.

We stopped at a store on the way to Hersheypark In The Dark, and I grabbed some cute bags for my kids to collect candy in. When we arrived at the entrance to Treatville, I noticed the park was providing bags to children who didn’t already have one. So, no need to fret if you forget yours in the car. Hersheypark has you covered.

6. Take in all the stops!

Be sure to get pictures of the characters you meet along the way. We had so much fun collecting candy from all of the characters in Treatville. The designs and ideas Hersheypark created are fun for kids and it was even more fun than going door to door in your own neighborhood. There is even more fun waiting for the family at ZooAmerica, so be sure to stop over and see the live creatures at night.

7. Trust the candy!

It’s clean, safe, and ready to eat! One of my biggest issues with Halloween is the kids begging to enjoy a piece of candy before we get home. My answer is always no. I inspect the candy like a PI. I want to know it’s all safe to eat. I also need to test a few pieces for quality control (wink). No harm done. At Hersheypark I don’t have the same worries. I still inspect the candy packages, because I don’t eat anything torn or damaged, but I also have confidence in the park providing safe candy for my children and family.

8. Eat Food…Not Just Candy!

Grab some delicious food so the kids have more in their bellies than just treats. By the time you get through Treatville your stomachs may be grumbling. Ours sure were. Thankfully there are some good eats at the end of the trail. We stopped at Chickie’s & Pete’s and I’m so glad we did. The crabfries there are delicious! I also enjoyed the Philly Cheesesteak.

9. Shop!

I can’t stay out of Hersheypark’s gift shops. They have so many cute items and chocolate themed everything. It’s so easy to find keepsakes the kids will love. My girls wanted the personalized items available and I am a sucker for my name on anything. There is a lot to choose from for memories of your time in the park, but they also carry a lot of necessities too. Why not grab a few HERSHEY themed items for the road.

10. Cozy Up & Rest!

Give the little ones a rest…and a blanket. One of the best ideas I’ve seen from parents in the park is taking the wagons for multiple kids to ride in or one child to lay down and rest. We managed with an umbrella stroller, but my next visit I’ll definitely have a wagon in tow. Be sure to bring a blanket. October can be lovely during the day, but breezy at night. There are also plenty pf park benches for the entire family to take a break.

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